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Perfect black dress for any body type

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wearing: bright pink statement earrings c/o SugarFix by BaubleBar / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Lilac” / long black dress c/o Karen Klein / rose gold cuff  / Chloe handbag / Chanel fall nail polish / black and rose gold watch / Silver booties (on major sale!!)

There is nothing more satisfying then finding the perfect black dress. Karen Klein is a local designer here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she makes her clothing to flatter any body type. This black dress by her is not only chic, it can be worn by a size two, or a size fourteen; it’s absolute style perfection!

My husband is not the type to bring me flowers; I knew this going in. He is a sports guy who has practical spending habits. When he saw me in this dress, he said I looked really pretty. He said the dress was really flattering. This is not something he normally does! He is not the type of guy to throw me random compliments, so when he said that about this dress, I knew it held a lot of weight!

This black Karen Klein dress has two pockets in front,  a droopy silhouette, and a waist tie. It drapes really well from the shoulders, and allows your figure to show through from the tie belt. The fabric is soft and comfortable; making this dress easy to wear often, and all day-and all night!

This is my go-to black dress now; and I can’t wait to wear it more, and more! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Karen Klein’s collection yet, please do! You will fall in love with her designs, and her concept of making clothing to fit every body type. Plus, her clothing is made right here in San Francisco! I love it when my clothing is not only made in the USA, it is made right here in the Bay Area. Love that!

You can find this dress, and Karen’s Klein’s collection online at UbyKarenKlein.com

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Academy of Art spring 2018 and fall 2018 NYFW

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One of my favorite runways to see when I attend New York Fashion Week is the Academy of Art University’s collections. When I was a student at the University of San Francisco, we socialized with the kids from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, so I have always felt a tie to the school. As one of the most world renowned art schools, I am also proud to say it is located right here in the Bay Area. I love seeing the fresh take on fashion that students from the University produce. They are the future of the fashion industry. Seeing their show, is getting a glimpse into the future of what emerging designers will create for us to wear.

For the spring 2018, and fall 2018 seasons, the Academy of Art University showcased ten emerging designers from both the BFA and MFA programs. The designers took their inspiration from the world around them; including San Francisco’s own landscape.

The designers from the Academy of Art University who showed at New York Fashion Week included; Hailun Zhou, Eden Slzin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriguez, Rheanna Oliver-Palanca, Saya Shen, Joanna Jadallah, Cana Klebanoff, Ryan Yu, and Jelly Shan.

“Every year our designers have shown an amazing showcase of their talent and this year is no exception. This group has crafted each collection, and every piece within their collection has its own unique identity,” comments Jayne Foster, Graduate Director of Fashion. “They have stayed true to their vision and pushed their creative process into collections that show exploration of silhouette and textile techniques. These are the designers who will inspire and lead the next generation of new creatives. It has been a privilege to work with them.”

While the spring 2018, and fall 2018 collections offer an artistic take on fashion, they do reflect what we see trending in the world of fashion for the upcoming year. Hot trends for 2018, spotted on the Academy of Art’s runway include; black/white, geometric silhouettes, silver/metallic, knits, prints, suiting, and the emergence of one piece dressing for men.

To learn more about the Academy of Art’s spring 2018, fall 2018 New York Fashion Week runway show, as well as the designers, please visit FashionSchoolDaily.com. To learn more about the University, please visit AcademyArt.edu

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Building Block handbags

building block handbag

Pictured: Handbag / Tassel

Building Block handbags are made in a multi-medium design studio in Los Angeles, California. The handbag collection includes minimalist designs which are often geometric; as well as tassels which can be added to any of Building Block’s handbags. Some of the handbags include wood block details and rubber straps; which adds a little bit of a personal touch to each piece.

I have become tired of recognizable handbags and logos. I feel like I can identify almost everyone’s handbag I pass on the street. There is usually a large logo or logo pattern strewn across the bag. If there is not a readable logo, a handbag will have a distinctive design which is easily spotted. Although I confess to owning many recognizable handbags which also happen to have readable logos on them, I have become bored of handbags which are easily recognizable. 

I love the concept of minimalism and a handbag which offers high quality and clean lines. I love seeing a fabulous design which is well made; sans the logo. Cue in Building Block handbags. Although I have not purchased one yet, I am planning on purchasing the box handbag featured in the above photo. I love the boxy design, which happens to be an up and coming trend for fall 2014 and into 2015. Aside from the silhouette being fashion-forward, I love the high quality design and absence of a strong logo.

One of the beautiful things about carrying a handbag which is not easy to recognize, is that it starts conversations. It is always fun to have someone ask who made your handbag or shoes, etc. It starts a conversation and creates human interaction which is sometimes lacking in this day and age, where people tend to hide on their smart phones, appearing to be busy; which many times they are just hiding, they are not really busy!

In addition to the boxy handbag I am currently saving up to purchase, I also have my eye on Building Block’s Cylinder Sling and Cylinder Duffle. What do you think of the collection?