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Resort 2018 trends and how to wear them now

resort 2018 trends

resort 2018 trends pictured: Alice + Olivia / Maria Lucia Hohan / Alice + Olivia

The resort 2018 trends are here! Although the collections are nowhere near close to hitting store shelves yet, they do give us a snapshot into what will be hot when the resort/cruise 2018 season hits in six months. Designers have quietly introduced their resort cruise 2018 collections through intimate runway shows, presentations, and photo-shoots; giving us a chance to rock these resort 2018 trends right now!

Here are the top six trends from the resort 2018 collections to watch; these may carry over into the spring 2018 collections!

Resort 2018 Trends: The Wild Wild West

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

Get out your cowboy gear, because the wild west is coming! The Wild Wild West was a huge trend in the late 70’s and early 80’s; and now it is back. Christian Dior’s cruise 2018 collection is pictured above featuring western themed looks. This is a trend we will start to see creep in during the fall 2018 season, and it will start to gain momentum in 2018. Look for western themed styles you would wear on the street as opposed to a horse.

I’m exited about this trend because it is a fresh trend which has not been overdone. We have seen bits and pieces of western themed styles over the years, but it has not been since the early 1980s when designers went full force into the trend. Let’s hope store buyers jump on the bandwagon and offer us some western themed pieces to incorporate into our 2018 wardrobes!

Resort 2018 Trends: Off The Shoulder

resort 2018 trends

cruise 2018 trends

resort 2017 collections pictured: Alice + Olivia / Gucci

Off the shoulder, ruffles, cold shoulders; anything showing off the shoulder in some way, shape, or form, has been hot over the past year. This trend is showing no sign of slowing down as we head into 2018. For the resort 2018 season, look for styles which show off your fabulous shoulders; and plan to continue wearing this trend well in 2018. It is hotter than hot!

Resort 2018 Trends: Stripes

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

 resort 2018 collections: pictured: Tsumori / Alice + Olivia

Stripes, stripes, and more stripes! This hot trend is showing no sign of slowing down; in fact, it is growing! Look for stripes on everything for resort 2018. Stripes will be in varying sizes, a rainbow of colors, and going in all sorts of directions. Have some fun with stripes in 2018!

Resort 2018 Trends: Shades of Pink

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends resort 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections pictured: Alice + Olivia / Gucci / Maria Lucia Hohan

Pink! Yes, it seems like shades of pink are here to stay. Blush, recently dubbed “Millennial Pink” as well as bold fuchsia are hotter than hot for the upcoming resort 2018 season. Watch for these hues as we move into spring 2018 too. Don’t sell or donate your pinks, keep them for next year because they will be one of the more important colors starting with the resort season, and moving into spring 2018.

Resort 2018 Trends: Bold Graphic Prints

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections: Christian Dior / Gucci

Bold, graphic prints are an important trend for the resort 2018 season. Designers are showing bold graphics of one item such as a dragon, a palm tree, or an animal, as well as abstract prints and painterly prints. Look for a continuation into 2018 of mixed prints, colorful prints, bold prints; basically prints!

Resort 2018 Trends: Athleisure and Sports Inspired

resort 2018 trends cruise 2018 trends

resort 2018 collections: Alice + Olivia / Gucci

Athleisure is continuing as we head into 2018. For the resort 2018 season, look for more bomber jackets, athletic inspired clothing, and comfortable ensembles.

The resort season is a short one, but it does give us a snapshot into what to keep from our previous spring/summer collections, and what to look out for when shopping the end of summer sales. The resort 2018 trends also give us a sneak peek into what to expect for the spring 2018 season!

What do you think of the resort 2018 trends?

*All photos courtesy of GPS Radar press galleries

Chanel spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

Ah Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has created a beautiful and playful collection for the spring/summer 2013 season. As seen at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, the Chanel collection is colorful and shows many trends from the spring 2012 season which are continuing into the new year.

Chanel showed kitschy fashion including an oversized shoulder bag with hoola-hoop handles. There was color blocking, multi-color tweed, bright colors, pastels, 1960’s silhouettes, platform shoes, oversized jewelry, a bubble theme, florals and clutches; many many clutches!

The overall collection was fabulous and inspirational for the upcoming spring/summer 2013 season. What do you think of the collection? Was it a hit or miss for you?


Paris Fashion Week fall winter 2011/2012 recap

Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday and left fashion fans sad and happy at the same time. Sad because we have run out of runway shows to watch, and happy because we now have a glimpse of which trends from spring are continuing into fall. We also now have insight into new, up and coming trends.

New York and Milan visited past decades from the Art Deco era, the Depression era, the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s. In Paris, the tone was more sedate and although designers took their inspiration from the same time periods that were shown in New York and Milan, the tone was dark and serious.

Louis Vuitton took visitors on a train ride in the 1940’s with a serious yet classic tone. The music was deliberate and the silhouettes were ladylike and tailored. Chanel sent their collection down a runway that seemed as if it had been bombed out and dressed models as if they were walking on the city streets; not showing Chanel’s collection to buyers, editors and clients.

The overall vibe of Paris Fashion Week was tailored; long hemlines, dark colors, luxurious fabrics and a return to ladylike dressing. Black was a dominant color with spots of red, burgundy, mustard, forest green and shades of grey. Winter white also made an appearance on the runway either alone or paired with black.

The shoes shown on the runway varied between high heel booties, lace ups and menswear inspired tie shoes. Paris showed a handbag collection that mirrored what was seen in Milan with a large amount of top handle satchels, shoulder bags and daytime clutches.

It should be interesting to see which styles hit city streets and which trends remain on the runway and in the archives. Will we be seeing a large amount of red? Will everyone dress in black and grey? Will worn jeans make a comeback paired with luxury aka Chanel? Will Art Deco and the Depression push the 1970’s out of 2012? It should be interesting to which trends store buyers gravitate towards, and which ones are left without any orders for fall.

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