Embracing overalls after all these years

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Wearing: fuchsia ball earrings / Chanel sunglasses / lipstick c/o Estee Lauder “Blase Buff” / pale pink crew neck tee (so amazingly soft!) / denim overall jumper dress (shorter style under $75) / rose gold cuff / dark brown leather strap watch / Chanel summer nail polish / black satchel / embroidered guitar strap (on major sale!!) / Gucci slides (also love this pair under $80)

Raise your hand if you remember how hot overalls were in the late 1980s and early 1990s?! Oh yes, this was a hot trend. It was back when Kriss Kross made you “Jump! Jump” and we were told to don’t go chase waterfalls. Where I lived, in Marin County, people wore overalls with one strap undone, and styled with Converse All-Stars. In other parts of the Bay Area, I remember seeing people topping off the look with a crooked cap. I always admired the trend, but never actually wore it. This time around, I have decided to give it a go; but in a more mature, Silicon Valley way.

The first time overalls were a huge trend, I shied away from it because I am short. I always felt like overalls looked better on taller people. Over time, I have figured out that just because I am short, or have wider hips, doesn’t mean I can’t find a way to wear a trend, or look, I admire. If I can find the right style, or find it in petite, then I can rock it all I want!

denim overalls for summer

I don’t feel like full length pants work well on me when it comes to overalls. I can wear overalls with shorts, or a skirt, but the ankle length pants make me look shorter, and wider, then I am. Since this is the case, I have embraced the overalls trend by wearing a jumper, or overall dress. Love!

This long jumper is absolutely perfect. Since it has a slit in the front, the silhouette of the dress is broken up, resulting in appropriate proportions. There is also a waist on these overalls, so I feel like my figure isn’t hidden underneath a denim tent.

A denim jumper is easy to dress up or down. In these photos I am wearing it with my favorite pair of slip-on loafers, and a casual satchel. It can also be paired with wedge espadrilles, and a beachy Cult Gaia Ark bag, for a warm weather look. If you wanted to go full-force 1990s, you could even tie a neckerchief around your neck, and find a vintage Dooney and Burke bag to top off the look. Voila! Instant ’90’s vintage style.

It was pretty foggy the day we snapped these photos, but the dress is lightweight enough to be worn on sunny days too. I am looking forward to wearing it more often as the weather warms up this summer!

What do you think of the 1990s overalls trend? Did you wear it the first time around? Will you wear it this time?

Shop my denim overall dress look for summer:

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Layered earrings for right now

layered stacked earrings for fall 2015

From top left: (on model) Stud set / Ear Cuff set / Leaf earring set /  Multi-Hoop studs / Pink ear crawlers

Layered earrings are back! Stacking multiple pairs of earrings, or a combination of studs, cuffs, and crawlers, was a huge trend in jewelry in the late 1980s through to the mid-1990s. When the ’90’s became a decade of influence in fashion a few years ago, the trend started to resurface; and now it is here with a bang.

Arguably the hottest street style trend of the moment, the stacked or layered earring trend is fun to follow. Haven’t we all been itching to use those extra holes in our ears from our middle school, high school, and college years?

Layered earrings is an easy to trend to adapt to. There are two ways to follow it. You can have multiple piercings in your ears, or you can pretend with one pair of stud earrings, and a combination of crawlers and cuffs on one or both ears.

When wearing multiple pairs of earrings, or ear jewelry, the goal is not to have one pair overwhelm the other. The pairs of earrings must blend together. This means keep them on the dainty side and trying to keep metals matching.

Thankfully, brands and designers have recognized this hot trend on the street and put earring sets together which offer a few pairs of studs, or a combination of studs and cuffs, which match each other and take the guesswork out of styling one’s own earring stack. Love that!

If you would like to wear a statement pair of earrings, or large earrings, then they must be worn in the first hole on your ear. Keep the earrings in the other holes as basic as possible; and as small as possible. Avoid pairing ear cuffs or crawlers with a larger pair of earrings.

I found a few fabulous pairs, and sets, of earrings around the web which are perfect for layering, stacking, and mixing together! I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Spring 2014 shoe trends: mules and slides

mules slides spring 2014

From top right: Alexander Wang / Stella McCartney /Sophia Webster / Manolo Blahnik

Mules and slides are back! Get ready to scrunch your shoes as you walk! Mules and slides were huge in the mid-1990’s and Fashionistas everywhere learned quickly how to scrunch up their toes in order to keep their shoes from flying off their feet. Oh memories. . .

Mules and slides stayed in style until the early 2000’s when pointed toe mules had their moment. After enduring pinched toes inside of shoes which were next to impossible to keep on ones’ feet, mules and slides ended up in the back of the closet; and the d’Orsay Pump took its’ place.

Well, for spring.summer 2014, the mule and the slide are back. Hold on tight! Mules and slides look amazing and are actually comfortable when you are standing still. There isn’t anything in the back of the shoe to rub and cause blisters, nor is there a strap which could break or become too tight as the day wears on. Mules and slides are easy to take on and off when driving as well as underneath ones’ desk at the office. (of course, when no-one is looking!) 

That being said, mules and slides are not meant for sight-seeing, long walks or cardio shopping at the mall. Mules and slides are perfect for events where you might find yourself standing such as at a fundraiser, auction, luncheon, wedding etc. Since they are actually comfortable, and hot off the runway, it would be wise to own at least one pair of mules or slides this spring/summer 2014 season!

Mules and slides were most popular on the Milan and Paris runways; although designers around the globe are favoring the style this warm weather season. If you kept a pair from the 1990’s or early 2000’s, go ahead and move them to the front of your closet. If not, look for a fabulous pair of mules or slides in a neutral color. If you find them easy to walk in, then more power to you; buy all the colors you can find! If you are like me and prefer mules and slides for less mobile situations, look for a neutral pair which will take you through the trend.

I found a few fabulous pairs of mules and slides and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉