Chanel Ultra le Teint compact foundation powder review

chanel ultra le teint chanel foundation powder review

pictured: Chanel Ultra le Teint compact foundation powder /

I found a new foundation powder! When I do my makeup, I am very simple. I don’t like liquid foundation and I like to keep things as streamlined as possible. My routine consists of blush, foundation powder, eyeliner, and eye shadow if I am getting dressed up for something. Sometimes I will wear lipstick, but it is usually sheer and never cream. I prefer wearing chapstick on a daily basis.

Recently it came to my attention that the foundation powder I had been using had an ingredient in it that I didn’t want to put on my skin. So, I did some research and found Chanel had a foundation powder made from clean ingredients. Love that!

This was an easy transition since I am already a huge Chanel makeup fan. My blush is Chanel and most of my nail polish is Chanel; but you may already know that. haha

I have been using Chanel’s Ultra Le Teint foundation powder for one month now, and so far I love it. Although there is a pad which you can dampen and make the powder thick, I prefer keeping it dry and light by using a brush. It goes on evenly and provides the right amount of coverage I need for my skin. Love that!

Makeup I currently love from Chanel:

So, if you are looking for a fabulous foundation powder to either layer over liquid foundation or wear alone, like me, then give Chanel Ultra le Teint a try! I love it!

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Chanel nail polish fall 2021 review

Chanel fall 2021 nail polish

chanel nail polish fall 2021 review

Chanel nail polish fall 2021 collection from left: Chanel Terre Brulee nail polish / Chanel Rouge Brun nail polish / Chanel Brun Fume nail polish / Chanel Beige Cendre nail polish /

The Chanel fall 2021 nail polish collection has arrived! This season, Chanel has created four autumn hues which are right on trend for the fall season; they are dark, yet unexpected versions of otherwise classic nail polish shades. Wow!

There are two nail polish colors from the red family; a dark red named Terre Brulee and a deep burgundy named Rouge Brun. As the name suggests, Rouge Brun has brown undertones. It’s a fabulous color!

If you are more of a putty or neutral nail polish fan, then there are two hues for you! Chanel is offering Brun Fume, which is a grey-ish dark brown, and Beige Cendre which is a light beige-grey. In my opinion, this is a great color to wear now as we transition from summer into fall. I am wearing Chanel Beige Cendre as I type this!

I tested out all four nail polish colors from Chanel with one base coat, and two coats of color. They are all cream polishes, and thankfully, all four colors go on smoothly without streaking. Love that!

So, without further ado, here are the four nail polish colors from Chanel for the fall 2021 season.

Chanel nail polish fall 2021 | Chanel Terre Brulee

Chanel terre brulee nail polish fall 2021 chanel nail polish

Chanel Terre Brulee is a dark version of a classic red polish. It has a slightly cool undertone, and it is a few shades darker than a classic, medium red. If you love red nail polish, this is your fall hue! It’s the modern version of red. Love!

Chanel nail polish fall 2021 | Chanel Rouge Brun

Chanel rouge brun nail polish chanel fall 2021 nail polish

I love this color! Chanel Rouge Brun nail polish is a dark burgundy shade with slightly brown undertones. It is a beautiful color which feel fresh, while still offering a classic vibe. When the weather starts to cool down, this will be my hue! Isn’t’ it fabulous? Love!

Chanel nail polish fall 2021 | Chanel Brun Fume

Chanel brun fume nail polish chanel fall 2021 nail polish

Oh I love this version of brown! At first glance, I thought this was a grey nail polish with brown undertones, but it is the opposite. After putting it on my nails, I realized Chanel Brun Fume nail polish is a deep brown hue with grey undertones; think of it as a cold brown. I really love this color and can see myself alternating this polish with Chanel Rouge Brun as the weather cools down during the fall season. This feels like the most unique color of the collection, love it!

Chanel nail polish fall 2021 | Chanel Beige Cendre

Chanel beige cendre nail polish chanel fall 2021 nail polish

How pretty is this light grey-beige from Chanel?! Chanel Beige Cendre is a feminine version of beige, and it is perfect to wear now as we transition from the summer season into the fall season. Beige Cendre by Chanel is a cool beige with grey undertones, and it’s an easy color to wear. If you want something on trend, yet understated for the office, this is your nail polish color! It is the professional color from the collection. I am wearing it right now! Love!

Chanel fall 2021 beauty | Chanel Powder Blush Ombre

chanel fall 2021 beauty collection powder blush ombre

OK, if you are like me, you are realizing you need makeup! Now that the masks are off, we need to put something on our faces again. For video meetings, I was only doing my eyes and putting on lipstick; no blush or powder! Now that we are back out in the world, without masks, the blush and powder needs to come back! I don’t wear foundation as I am prone to acne. I wear a foundation powder, which is fabulous and offers ideal coverage without clogging my pores. You can find it online here. That being said, the way to instantly update the face, without wearing a ton of makeup, is with blush!

The Chanel fall 2021 beauty collection offers fabulous colors for the fall season which will instantly update your face. I didn’t splurge on the eye shadow quad just yet, but I did grab the powder blush. It is a light and cool color, giving the face an instantly modern, and very 2021, look. Love that!

Shop the Chanel nail polish fall 2021 collection online:

What do you think of the fall 2021 Chanel nail polish collection? Do you love it? Which color is your favorite for fall?

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chanel nail polish fall 2021 review

Spring beauty essentials

Spring 2021 makeup from top left: black mascara / cocoa eye pencil / liquid lipstick / spring nail polish (see review) / foundation powder / concealer / spring lipstick / spring eye quad /

Spring is official this upcoming weekend! If you haven’t already updated your makeup bag, skin care routine, and hair care-it’s time!

Makeup for spring uses bright versions of classic hues, which offer a timeless yet cheery look for the warm weather season. Love that! I’m crushing on this bright and sparkling red nail polish, as well as this bright yet timeless lipstick hue.

Spring skin care

spring skin care routine

Spring skin care from top left: neck cream / face cream / eye cream / anti-aging serum / hand cream / body butter / eau de parfum (ok, not technically skin care but makes skin smell good-so it’s related, right?? haha) (review here)

The spring season is when skin care starts to change. As temperatures warm up, we need to make sure our skin is getting the attention it needs. I love making sure I have spf in my face cream, as well as ensuring I am keeping my skin tone even as the sun starts to give me a base tan.

I also love this body butter to ensure my skin is properly moisturized. Also, this hand cream is fabulous; especially with all the hand washing we do these days!

Spring hair care

spring hair care essentials

Spring hair care from left: conditioner / shampoo / oil treatment / hair dryer /

My hair has been dry and brittle, so I switched up my shampoo! I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now, and I already notice a difference. My hair is getting healthier and less brittle. Love that!

Also a huge fan of this oil treatment and hair dryer. If you are going to splurge on anything, this hair dryer is worth every penny. It is so gentle on the hair; yet it does the job quickly! Love it!

Shop my spring beauty essentials online:

What are you loving for spring?

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