Chanel Ultra le Teint compact foundation powder review

chanel ultra le teint chanel foundation powder review

pictured: Chanel Ultra le Teint compact foundation powder /

I found a new foundation powder! When I do my makeup, I am very simple. I don’t like liquid foundation and I like to keep things as streamlined as possible. My routine consists of blush, foundation powder, eyeliner, and eye shadow if I am getting dressed up for something. Sometimes I will wear lipstick, but it is usually sheer and never cream. I prefer wearing chapstick on a daily basis.

Recently it came to my attention that the foundation powder I had been using had an ingredient in it that I didn’t want to put on my skin. So, I did some research and found Chanel had a foundation powder made from clean ingredients. Love that!

This was an easy transition since I am already a huge Chanel makeup fan. My blush is Chanel and most of my nail polish is Chanel; but you may already know that. haha

I have been using Chanel’s Ultra Le Teint foundation powder for one month now, and so far I love it. Although there is a pad which you can dampen and make the powder thick, I prefer keeping it dry and light by using a brush. It goes on evenly and provides the right amount of coverage I need for my skin. Love that!

Makeup I currently love from Chanel:

So, if you are looking for a fabulous foundation powder to either layer over liquid foundation or wear alone, like me, then give Chanel Ultra le Teint a try! I love it!

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