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Spring beauty essentials

Spring 2021 makeup from top left: black mascara / cocoa eye pencil / liquid lipstick / spring nail polish (see review) / foundation powder / concealer / spring lipstick / spring eye quad /

Spring is official this upcoming weekend! If you haven’t already updated your makeup bag, skin care routine, and hair care-it’s time!

Makeup for spring uses bright versions of classic hues, which offer a timeless yet cheery look for the warm weather season. Love that! I’m crushing on this bright and sparkling red nail polish, as well as this bright yet timeless lipstick hue.

Spring skin care

spring skin care routine

Spring skin care from top left: neck cream / face cream / eye cream / anti-aging serum / hand cream / body butter / eau de parfum (ok, not technically skin care but makes skin smell good-so it’s related, right?? haha) (review here)

The spring season is when skin care starts to change. As temperatures warm up, we need to make sure our skin is getting the attention it needs. I love making sure I have spf in my face cream, as well as ensuring I am keeping my skin tone even as the sun starts to give me a base tan.

I also love this body butter to ensure my skin is properly moisturized. Also, this hand cream is fabulous; especially with all the hand washing we do these days!

Spring hair care

spring hair care essentials

Spring hair care from left: conditioner / shampoo / oil treatment / hair dryer /

My hair has been dry and brittle, so I switched up my shampoo! I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for two weeks now, and I already notice a difference. My hair is getting healthier and less brittle. Love that!

Also a huge fan of this oil treatment and hair dryer. If you are going to splurge on anything, this hair dryer is worth every penny. It is so gentle on the hair; yet it does the job quickly! Love it!

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What are you loving for spring?

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elizabeth arden prevage anti aging daily serum

Chanel Perles et Eclats spring 2021 nail polish

Perles et Eclats de Chanel spring 2021 beauty collection

chanel spring 2021 nail polish act II

Perles et Eclats de Chanel 2021 beauty products from top left: eye quad / rouge coco flash lipstick in Delicatesse / Chanel Perle Burgundy nail polish / Chanel Perle Blanche nail polish /

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 take two! The Act II beauty collection for spring 2021 has arrived. This collection has a traditional Chanel theme; pearls. The beauty collection contains eye make-up, nail polish, several lipsticks, powder, and glow sticks. I purchased the eye quad, one of the rouge coco flash hues, and of course, the Perles et Eclats de Chanel nail polish collection.

The two nail polish hues from the Perles et Eclats de Chanel beauty collection are fabulous alternatives to the Chanel spring 2021 nail polish collection. If the spring nail polish hues were too bold for you, these colors are more feminine, subdue, and traditional for the spring 2021 season.

Chanel Perle Blanche is a sparkling pinkish-white nail polish on the verge of being sheer. This soft color offers a barely-there look which is ideal in the warmer months. I love this color for travel when I would like to ensure my nail polish plays well with everything in my suitcase. High hopes for travel this summer! It will also be a fabulous nail polish shade for toes during sandal season, as it won’t compete with any shoe color. Love that!

If you prefer darker nail polish hues, Chanel Perle Burgundy nail polish is also a metallic polish, in a much darker shade. This purplish-burgundy is beautiful. I am not sure I have the right adjectives to express how pretty this color is out of the bottle, and on the nail. I am in love! Chanel Perle Burgundy nail polish has purple undertones and looks more berry than burgundy. The sparkles add dimension too. This is an incredible color to wear now, and as we transition from winter into spring. Love!

Chanel Perle Blanche nail polish | Perles et Eclats de Chanel spring 2021

chanel perle blanche nail polish spring 2021

Chanel Perle Burgundy nail polish | Perles et Eclats de Chanel spring 2021

chanel perle burgundy nail polish spring 2021

Chanel rouge coco flash Delicatesse lipstick | Perles et Eclats de Chanel spring 2021

chanel lipstick spring 2021

Chanel Allure et Eclat eye quad | Perles et Eclats de Chanel spring 2021

chanel spring 2021 eye makeup

I love the classic and feminine vibe of the Perles et Eclats de Chanel collection for spring 2021. It is a nice compliment to the spring 2021 collection which offers an edgier and more bold vibe. This collection gives us choices depending on our moods this spring. Is it a bold day? Is it a quiet day? We have a nail color to suit our moods. Love that!

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What is your favorite color from the collection?

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Spring 2019 makeup must haves

dior lipsticks spring makeup must haves

Pictured: Dior lipsticks /

Spring 2019 is here! How have I not posted my spring 2019 makeup must-have’s yet? Well, thankfully we aren’t too far into the spring season, so now is a great time to share my favorite makeup with you this season! If you have been reading my blog for awhile, many of these items will look like old hat to you. If you are new here, I hope you love my favorite beauty products too!

I will always standby my Laura Mercier caviar stick, foundation powder, and concealer. Chanel’s eye shadow quad’s, nail polishes, and blush colors are a longtime favorite too. Dior’s lipstick is a new one for me! I’m currently loving lipsticks from Chanel, Dior, and Almay. Estee Lauder is my go-to foundation; as always!

You can see everything I am using and loving this spring season in the widget below.

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If you want to see more, check out my review of Chanel’s spring nail polish collection here, and Chanel’s late spring nail polish collection here.

What are your favorite makeup collections for spring 2019?

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