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Spring 2022 beauty must-haves

spring 2022 beauty must haves spring 2022 skin care hair care

Spring 2022 beauty must haves from top left: neck cream / face cream / eye cream / hand cream / concealer / foundation powder / Moroccanoil / shampoo / (conditioner not pictured) /

The weather is changing, and all this wind is drying out my skin! It’s time to make sure we all have our skin care and hair care in order for the new season. Plus, now that we are putting away our masks, we need to make sure our skin looks good when we leave the house!

My standby skincare routine from Revive is must-have for spring 2022. I have been using this neck cream since I was 28, and I love it. I also love this face cream which has SPF; a must-have in any face cream we use. Also, this eye cream is fabulous.

I don’t know about you, but my hands get very dry. This hand cream is perfect for combating my dry skin as the weather changes. I keep a tube in my room, and one at my desk. I highly recommend it!

Now that we are all leaving the house maskless, we need to cover up those imperfections! This concealer is a favorite of mine as it is lightweight and conceals any spots I need to hide. As you know, I am huge fan of this foundation powder. It acts as foundation, and as a setting powder; so it’s apply and go! I love a fast routine in the morning. It also has SPF, love that!

My hair gets dry when the seasons change, so my hair stylist recently recommended this shampoo. I love it! I have been using it for roughly three months now and I notice a huge difference in my hair. It’s a little pricey, but worth every penny. I’m hooked!

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What is your favorite beauty product for the spring season?

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Fall 2021 hair care

fall hair care 2021

Fall 2021 hair care from left: shampoo / conditioner / oil treatment / hair dryer / shampoo in bottom photo /

My fall 2021 hair care routine is fairly simple. My hair is dry from the summer, so I am looking for moisture and anti-breakage help. This shampoo and conditioner pair are fortified to help stop breakage and strengthen my hair. The shampoo pictured below, is also one that I use. It is perfect for my dry hair and helps add moisture. Love that!

Since my hair is dry from being out in the sun, wind, and swimming pool, my old stand-by of Moroccan Oil is ideal for adding moisture back into my hair; as well as controlling it! This oil smooths down my unruly hair.

One thing people don’t often think about is their hair dryer. Not all hair dryers are equal! You might be looking at my choice of the Dyson hair dryer and thinking it is overpriced-but I can assure you, it is worth every penny. This hair dryer does not dry out hair. It does not damage hair. It is soft and gentle, leaving my hair healthy. Even when I travel, I take it with me! I no longer use the hotel hair dryer. I can’t go back. This hair dryer is the holy grail of hair care, and I highly recommend investing in one!

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What are your favorite hair care products for the fall season?

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Best summer sunscreen 2021

best summer sunscreen 2021 summer face body lips hair scalp

Best summer sunscreen from top left: scalp and hair protection / lip sunscreen / tinted lip sunscreen / Chanel face and neck sunscreen / Colleen Rothschild face and neck sunscreen / Lancome face and neck sunscreen / spray on sunscreen for body / body stick sunscreen for adults / body stick sunscreen for kids and babies /

The summer season is starting; despite the fact that summer hasn’t officially started. The temperatures are rising, and beach traffic on the weekends is here. This means we are spending more time in the sun; and we need to protect our skin!

I am always picky about my sunscreen because I don’t want to look like a ghost, yet I want to make sure the sunscreen is actually protecting me from the various types of UV rays. In addition, different parts of our bodies need different formulas to thoroughly protect our skin. That’s why it is important to have specialized sunscreen for scalp/hair, lips, face, and body.

My family has tested several different brands and types of sunscreen. We love spending time outside in the summer hiking, swimming, camping, and going to the beach. This means we always need to ensure our skin is protected. Since we have tried so many different brands and types of sunscreen, I am sharing my favorites for my family with you!

The sunscreens I have mentioned and linked to in this post are the ones we all use and love. Two of my kids have sensitive skin, and these sunscreens don’t dry out, or irritate, their skin. They are gentle and safe to use. Love that! I hope you love them too!

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What are your favorite sunscreens?

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