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Fall 2021 trends from the NYFW runways

Badgley Mischka fall 2021 NYFW

*All Photo credits: IMAXTree 2021

The fall/winter 2021/22 collections from New York Fashion Week have all been presented. While the shows were presented digitally this season, we were still able to feel the overall vibe of the season, and recognize a few stand-out trends to look forward to for the cold weather season later this year.

Fall 2021 has been heavily influenced by the 1970s, 1980s, and mildly by the 1990s. We also saw some 1960s inspiration in the collections. Designers wanted to keep their collections comfortable, yet structured and chic enough for city streets. As consumers emerge from their homes this year, after being quarantined and kept at home for such a long time, people will want to start dressing up. That being said, they will want the comfort their loungewear spoiled them with over the last year. Therefore, designers worked hard to make street-worthy collections which are made more sustainably, and offer comfort.

So, without further ado, here are the standout trends from the fall 2021 NYFW collections!

Comfortable Street Style

The Power Suit

Pump up the volume sleeves

Giant squishy handbags

Totally tonal winter white

Cozy Sweaters

That’s a wrap! What do you think of the new fall 2021 collections?

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Badgley Mischka fall 2021 NYFW

Photos credit: All photos in this post courtesy of Badgley Mischka

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and once again, the shows are digital. While most designers present pre-recorded videos during their allotted time slot on the American Collections Calendar, Badgley Mischka took a different approach; and it was fabulous.

Badgley Mischka sent out invitations; just like when the shows are in person. Offering the show to a limited amount of people allowed them to present their fall/winter 2021/22 collection over Zoom. It also created an interactive environment where we were able to ask questions, and talk live about the collection with the designers. It was amazing!

In addition to an interactive environment, Badgley Mischka sent us a beautiful hand painted linen along with Mimosa’s to enjoy during the show. Loved it!

Since I was able to attend the Badgley Mischka’s fall 2021 show over Zoom, and interact with the designers, as well as benefit from the questions other guests asked, I have a lot of information to share with you!

Badgley Mischka are looking forward to the fall season; as we all are. They envision a vaccinated population ready to go out and live life. For their inspiration, they looked to their archives, and the New York restaurant scene from the 1980s and 1990s. They were inspired by the chic socialites of the time who attended the Met Gala, socialized at restaurants, and were the ultimate social scene in New York during that time. Love this!

The fall collection encompasses the vibe of lighthearted enjoyment. Socializing without a care in the world, and having fun with fashion. I love all the volume in the sleeves, the sparkling fabrics, and overall fun vibe. The fringe dress pictured farther up in the post is my dream dress for fall. Isn’t it fun? Reminds me of the roaring ’20’s and the carefree attitude of the era. I’m ready for the roaring ’20’s to happen 100 years later! I’m quite certain I will buy this dress before any invitations to events roll into my inbox! I will be party-ready! Yes!!

An interesting point Badgley Mischka brought up during the question and answer section of the show, was the fact that everyone has been enjoying comfortable clothing over the past year. We have left our structured clothing hanging in the closet while we lounge around in yoga pants, sweats, and sportswear. To keep the comfy trend going, yet offer women clothing which will be occasion appropriate, Badgley Mischka has tried to eliminate zippers, and include designs in their collection which feels like sportswear; yet look party ready. When you see a pant set from them for fall, know it’s comfortable like sportswear, yet perfectly fabulous for every party invite you receive. Love this!

The fall 2021 collection from Badgley Mischka will begin to hit store shelves at the end of July, and in early August. I cannot wait to snap up the fringe dress in anticipation of a fabulous fall and holiday season. Which design is your favorite?

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Fall 2021 color trends from Pantone and NYFW

fall 2021 color trends nyfw pantone

Top ten colors from the NYFW runways for fall/winter 2021/22 from top left: Fuschia Fedora / Mykonos Blue / Spring Lake / Leprechaun / Illuminating (color of 2021) / Rhodonite / Adobe / Pale Rosette / Root Beer / Fire Whirl /

Well, the fall looks bright! New York designers are looking towards a bright and cheery autumn season, which will stay bright and cheerful through the winter 2022 season. We should expect fun, lighthearted color combos on store shelves for fall 2021, which evoke feelings of happiness, hope, and exuberance. After all, by the time fall hits store shelves, the majority of us should be vaccinated, and this pandemic should be behind us. Fingers crossed!

There is noting like bright colors to lift one’s mood; especially yellow which is proven to lighten the mood. I’m looking forward to mixing light neutrals with bright hues when temperatures start to cool off in the autumn season. It will be a different feeling than the usually dark and somber fall season. We should all be cheerful and living the good life as things return to normal. Again, fingers crossed!

I think Fuchsia Fedora for all is a fabulous idea, and I also find myself drawn to Mykonos Blue, and Spring Lake. Those are definitely my three favorite colors from the fall 2021 palette. Now, let’s chat neutrals:

Fall 2021 neutral color trends from Pantone and NYFW

neutral color trends fall 2021 pantone nyfw

Top neutral color trends, NYFW  & Pantone from top left: Coconut Cream / Ultimate Grey (color of 2021) / Soybean / Olive Branch /

These have to be the lightest fall neutrals I have witnessed in my career. They look like spring colors! While olive is a traditional fall shade, this one is lighter; like a spring olive hue rather than an autumn color. I think it will be fun to see how designers use it on cool weather clothing. I love the light mood for fall!

Well, there you have it. Like spring, designers are keeping a cheery color palette for 2021, and defying traditional autumn hues. I love the happy and uplifting colors we are seeing for autumn, and I look forward to brightening cold winter days in something bright, like Fuchsia Fedora! What do you think?

Shop spring clothing which reflects fall 2021 color trends online:

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*Color swatches courtesy of Pantone. Read Pantone’s report online here.