Bottega Veneta loop bag mini review

bottega veneta loop bag mini review

Bottega Veneta Loop mini bag wearing: gemstone bracelets (under $50, local designer) / Bottega Veneta Loop bag mini / spring nail polish / blazer vest / white layering tee / dark wash jeans /

How cute is this everyday bag! I love a small, cross body bag I can wear everywhere from the gym, to the market, to a luncheon, and out to dinner. This bag is that go-to handbag! Love!

The Bottega Veneta loop bag is a fabulous handbag to wear on a daily basis. It can be worn cross body or over the shoulder, and it comes in a variety of colors. I chose Parakeet, also known on the street as “Bottega Green.” This is the hue considered Bottega Veneta’s signature color. I love a signature color! I mean, who doesn’t love Tiffany Blue or Louboutin Red? I’m here for Bottega Green!

There are several size choices for the Bottega Veneta Loop bag as well as colors. I chose the smallest size, which is the mini. I wanted a bag which was minimal and just large enough to carry my essentials. The mini loop holds my wallet, iPhone, lipstick, keys, and I have just enough room for some Kleenex, if need be; after all, it is allergy season right now!

What fits inside Bottega Veneta mini loop handbag

What I love about the Bottega Veneta Loop bag in mini is that it is a no fuss, carefree bag. I just throw it on and go! The leather is soft to the touch, yet strong for everyday wear. This bright green hue makes the bag fun, and adds a little spice to everyday wear. I love a bag which brightens up my day!

While the mini size is perfect for everyday use, I can see how someone might prefer the small, medium or large size. I highly recommend choosing the size which is right for you. This is a classic, everyday bag which you will have forever. My mom has a very similar version which she purchased in the 1980s and it is still a workhorse. Her bag is navy blue, and it still looks new! She gets a ton of compliments every time she wears it. This is when you know a designer handbag is a good investment. It can withstand the test of time and still look modern years, if not decades, later.

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I really love my Bottega Loop mini bag, so I would love to invest in another one in the future. Perhaps next time I will pick one up in a neutral color, and a different size, just to mix things up. For now, I love having a piece in Parakeet, aka “Bottega Green,” and the size is perfect for my everyday life.

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bottega veneta mini loop review

Dior Rendez Vous nail polish review

dior rendez vous nail polish review

pictured: Dior Rendez Vous nail polish /

So many new putty colors for spring from Dior! Dior Rendez Vous is slightly darker, roughly one shade, than Dior Palais Royal. It’s also slightly more grey than Palais Royal which has more of a tan undertone. Rendez Vous by Dior is a medium putty nail polish which makes a great neutral for the new year.

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What do you think of Diro Rendez Vous nail polish for the new year?

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Dior Palais Royal nail polish review

dior palais royal nail polishspring 2022 nail polish classic colors

pictured: Dior Palais Royal 403 nail polish / base coat used /

Dior is giving us so many new nail polish colors this year! In addition to the spring 2022 nail polish collection, Dior is also adding neutral hues to their collection; some are permanent, and some are limited edition.

The new Dior Palais Royal nail polish color is one of two dark taupe hues the iconic design house has added to their collection, and it is fabulous.

The lighter of the two new taupe’s, Dior Palais Royal is a great color to wear now, and into the spring season. If you aren’t into trendy nail polish hues, and classic pink isn’t your thing, this grown-up taupe might be the color you are looking for in the new year. It’s a classic taupe with a slight tan lean, and very slight purple undertone. Palais Royal is a neutral hue you can wear during the day, and for evening occasions. It’s classic and versatile, love that!

I tested out Dior Palais Royal with one base coat, and two coats of color. Of course, it stands up to daily wear and tear without chipping, just like other Dior polishes. I did not use a top coat, but I feel like the Dior Opal top coat would really enhance this color and make it pretty. I will definitely wear it with the top coat next time!

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What do you think of this new neutral nail polish for the new year from Dior?

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