Chanel Holiday 2019 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish Holidays 2019

chanel nail polish holidays 2019chanel nail polish collection holidays 2019

Chanel holiday 2019 nail polish collection from left: Chanel Richness nail polish / Chanel Deepness nail polish /

Chanel has gone dark for the holiday 2019 season! For the holidays 2019 season, Chanel has given us a deep, dark, almost vampy red hue named Chanel Richness. In addition to a dark holiday red, Chanel has continued on the black nail polish trend they embarked on for the autumn season, and they have given us Chanel Deepness nail polish.

Normally the holiday season gives us a cheery red hue, some sparkle, and party-ready colors. Not for the 2019 holiday season. Chanel has gone dark, and given us colors we need to add a sparkle top coat in order to turn into a party-ready hues. I highly recommend adding a sparkle top coat over these two colors, as we head into the holiday party season!

Without further ado, here are the two, dark hues Chanel has offered up for the holidays:

Chanel Nail Polish Holidays 2019: Chanel Deepness nail polish

Chanel Deepness nail polish holidays 2019

Black is the new black, and it needs to be on your nails. This is the current nail color trend of the moment, and Chanel has given us a version of black for the holiday season. Chanel Deepness nail polish is a dark, mysterious hue which looks fabulous in two coats of color, with one base coat and one top coat. This is a great, non-streaky formula which is long lasting, and 5-free. Love that!

Chanel Nail Polish Holidays 2019: Chanel Richness nail polish

Chanel Richness nail polish holidays 2019

Looking for a traditional red hue for the holiday season? Chanel has gone dark with their annual holiday red. Chanel Richness is a very dark red polish which was very well formulated. It goes on smoothly in two coats without streaking. I recommend using a base coat and a top coat to make it last over a week. Also love that this formula is 5-free! Yay!

Shop the Chanel Holiday 2019 nail polish collection online:

What are your thoughts on Chanel’s holiday collection?

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Dior Diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 and New Year’s 2020

dior holiday nail polish collection 2019

Dior Diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 collection from left: Diorrific Charm nail polish / Diorrific Dream nail polish  / Happy 2020 Diorrific Diorama top coat / Diorrific Passion nail polish /

Can you believe holiday nail polish is already hitting store shelves?! Not only has Dior released their Diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish collection, they have also released a sparkling top coat for New Years 2020! Whaaaaa-aaaat????

Yup! The Diorrific nail polish holiday 2019 collection is here, and it’s fabulous. There is a pretty, classic pink which is slightly darker than the pale pinks we have seen in the last few seasons. It’s a beautiful winter pink, and it’s perfect for everyday wear! In addition to pink, Dior also released a cherry red hue, and a fun purple shade. To make these colors more festive, the Diorrific New Years 2020 glitter top coat incorporates all of these hues, and make any mani ready for a party. Love that!

Without further ado, here are the three Diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 colors as well as the Diorrific New Years 2020 sparkling top coat!

Dior Diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorrific Charm nail polish

Dior Diorrific Charm nail polish holidays 2019

As I mentioned above, this is the perfect pink hue for the winter season. It is understated enough for the office, yet color saturated enough to pack a good punch; while still making a winter statement. This will be my go-to nail polish hue this holiday season!

Dior Diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorrific Dream nail polish

diorrific dream nail polish holidays 2019

Looking for a fun, statement making hue? Diorrific Dream is the nail polish color for you! This holiday purple will get you noticed, and blends well with the seasons’ color palette. It also looks fabulous underneath the Diorrific Diorama top coat. Love that!

Dior Diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorrific Passion nail polish

Diorrific Passion nail polish holidays 2019

Can it be called a holiday nail polish collection without a red? Of course not! Diorrific Passion is a pretty, cherry red hue, with plenty of pink undertones. It’s festive and sweet; plus looks fabulous underneath Dior’s glitter top coat, Diorrific Diorama Happy 2020!

Dior Dorrific nail polish new years 2020: Diorrific Diorama glitter top coat

happy 2020 diorrific diorama top coat holidays 2019 dior diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 new years 2020

Happy 2020 Diorrific Diorama glitter top coat will help you ring in the new year! Plus, it looks fabulous over Diorrific Passion, making it great for Christmas or holiday parties too. For New Years, I plan to wear it over Dior’s purple hue, Diorrific Dream. It’s festive and perfect fore New Years! Love that!

Shop Dior Diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 collection online:

Which one of the Dior hues from the Diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 collection do you like best? I plan on wearing Diorrific Charm everyday, Diorrific Passion on Christmas, and Diorrific Dream into the new year. I love them all, which is why I purchased all four for the holiday season! Love!

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Canon G7X Mark II review

best travel camera replace dlsr canon g7x mark 11 review lightweight lightweight camera manual mode professional replace dslr

You might be looking at this post and wondering why I am writing about the Powershot Canon G7X Mark II on a fashion, style, and beauty blog. Well, it does tie into fashion-I swear! Just keep reading. . .

One of the big things that hurts my back when I attend New York Fashion Week, or when I am traveling, is carrying around my heavy DSLR. Fashion week and travel in general, require a lot of standing and walking. To alleviate the back pain and shoulder pain I experience when traveling, or attending fashion week, I needed to lighten my load. That load being my very heavy Nikon DSLR.

Last January I did some research. I found out about this amazing camera which could replace your DSLR. The Canon G7X Mark II is this tiny little point-and-shoot camera which packs a ton of power. It has all the settings a basic DSLR offers. You can go from auto mode to manual mode. You can adjust the ISO, the f-stop, and more! While you can’t switch out the lens, the built-in zoom lens has enough “zoom” to get clear and crisp close-ups of the runway, outfits (pose at that painted wall!), and travel sites.

canon g7X mark ii review

On my Nikon DSLR, I have to go into the menu and scroll through it in order to adjust my ISO etc. It is time consuming, and sometimes I can miss the shot because I am fiddling with my camera settings. When it comes to travel and fashion week, speed is of the essence. The Powershot Canon G7X Mark II has this fabulous dial underneath the dial which lets you switch modes. This dial lets you quickly adjust the camera according to the light-without going into a menu to adjust your settings. This is a huge game changer in situations where the light keeps changing and you need to be speedy to get the right shot.

Here is an example of a photo I took of a model walking the runway at the Son Jung Wan show last February during fashion week. My Canon G7X Mark II did a great job of capturing a moving model. I was also able to adjust the settings quickly for the tricky lighting. Another thing that was tricky about this shot was her jacket. It has sequins, which are difficult to photograph; especially on a moving object. I thought the camera did a good job considering I was shooting from my seat and not the photographer’s pit.

son jung wan fall 2019 nyfw

The Canon G7X Mark II is also great at capturing depth and color. Here is a photo I took in Hawaii. One of the breathtaking things about Hawaii is the shades of blue in the Pacific. The ombre waters are stunning, and I feel like the camera did a great job capturing them. I purposely focused on the water and blurred the lava rocks. I like how it turned out. Who knew a point-and-shoot could do this?

travel tips hawaii big island kona

In addition to being able to adjust the Canon G7X Mark II like a DSLR, it has a flip up screen which allows you to shoot in selfie mode. Sometimes you want a higher resolution selfie; or maybe you just want to have some fun. Either way, the flip up screen is a lot of fun. You can see a selfie taken with my Canon G7X Mark II below. I took this selfie with my daughters on a recent hike. We had fun flipping the screen and turning it in order to get the view in the background. My DSLR definitely does not do that!

dslr alternative canon g7X mark ii review

DSLR Alternative

All in all, the Powershot Canon G7X Mark II is an amazing alternative to a DSLR. It can switch from auto to manual mode. The camera comes with easy to follow directions, and there are plenty of YouTube videos out there to help with specific settings that might not sound logical in the manual. I found it easier to learn than my DSLR. Despite not being able to change lenses, the built-in zoom lens is adequate for travel, blogging, and taking runway photos from your seat.

You don’t have to be a blogger to use this camera! So many people bring their DSLR to their children’s sporting events, talent shows, plays, music performances etc., the Canon G7X Mark II is a great alternative which can take beautiful videos and photos. The resolution and quality rivals a low to medium level DSLR. It also offer wi-fi capability which is great for uploading photos to a laptop or iPhone while on the go.

Lighten your load! The Canon G7X Mark II is compact and lightweight. I can carry a smaller handbag at fashion week, and when I travel, than I did back when I carried around my DSLR. The small size is great for travel, and it won’t break your back. Love that!

When I purchased my Powershot Canon G7X Mark II, I also bought a large memory card and a second battery. It’s always nice to have a back-up battery when traveling in case you take a ton of photos all day and need to swap the battery. For a memory card, I recommend Lexar. They make great cards. Always get a big one to store videos and keep yourself from running out of room while traveling.

Shop the Powershot Canon G7X Mark II camera and accessories online:

I am in love with this camera, and I take it everywhere I go so I can snap photos of my kids, and to blog! If you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask in the comments below, or shoot me an email.

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powershot canon g7X mark ii reviewcanon g7X review