Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum review

woman by ralph lauren edp review

Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP c/o Ralph Lauren

Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum is the new fragrance from iconic New York design house Ralph Lauren. This feminine, strong, alluring fragrance embodies the modern woman, while evoking mystery, power, and feminine grace. Love that!

This modern, woody floral fragrance by Ralph Lauren offers a medium strength fragrance experience which enables it to be worn on a daily basis; yet not get lost like a skin scent.

I wore Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP for a full day to test it out, with one total spray, applying it to my wrists, and neck, at 7am. When I went to sleep at 10:30pm, I could still detect a smooth, woody base on my wrists which was fresh, clear, and alluring. I enjoyed the fragrance cycle of this eau de parfum throughout the day as it started off with a warm floral scent and moved into a warmer, woody fragrance experience as the day moved along. It is always nice to have a long-lasting fragrance which does not need to be reapplied during the day! This is that scent!

Top Notes– Pear, rhubarb, blackcurrant

Middle Notes- Tuberose, orange flower, Turkish rose

Base Notes– Sandalwood, hazelnut, vibrant woods

As we move into the autumn months, Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum is the perfect scent for the season. It offers a classic woody floral fragrance experience which is modern, warm, and ideal for moderate temperatures. Due to the warm base from the woods, this is also a great perfume to wear during the winter. The warm florals also allow it to be worn easily through spring. Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP could easily be come a my signature scent-or yours! It offers a modern yet classic fragrance experience. Love!

This will also make a fabulous holiday gift!

You can fin Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP online here.

Aveda Texture Tonic review

aveda texture tonic review

pictured: c/o Aveda Texture Tonic

Do you ever try to create a tousled look, or add texture to your hair? I do! I always fail miserably though! So, when Aveda sent me their texture tonic, I was excited to give it a try!

Aveda’s Texture Tonic is a great tool for adding texture, without adding build-up to your hair. One of my pet peeves is using a hairstyling product which leaves residue, build-up and a greasy film. What I love about Aveda, is that their products leave none of this behind; and Aveda Texture Tonic is no exception. It leaves my hair lightweight, and clean. Love!

I don’t do a big beach hair look when I go for a little volume. I use Aveda Texture Tonic lightly to give my waves a little extra bounce, and definition. I really love the result!

If you are looking for volume, without bulk, you can find Aveda Texture Tonic online here.

Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish review

chanel holiday 2017 nail polish review

from left, Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Chanel Scenario nail polishChanel Fiction nail polish / Chanel Celebrity nail polish

It’s here! The Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection has arrived; and it’s not what you think it is! Were you dreaming of metallic sparkles, cherry reds, and cool winter blues? Yeah, so was I! Chanel threw us for a loop this time! Instead of feeding into holiday season expectations, Chanel took a leap off the holidays 2017 bandwagon and gave us a neon red hue, a deep, mysterious green, and a sinister black. Oh yeah, the holidays are on!

Chanel Holiday 2017 nail polish collection:

As with all Chanel nail polishes, the holidays 2017 nail polish collection is long lasting, chip resistant, and applies evenly. I used one base coat, and two coats of color to test out each polish. I did not use a top coat. They stayed true to their Chanel roots and offered chip resistant, non-streaky color which lasts and last! Love them!

Without further ado, here are Chanel Scenrior, Chanel Fiction, and Chanel Celebrity from the Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection:

Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Chanel Scenario

chanel scenario nail polish holiday 2017

Chanel Scenario nail polish from the holiday 2017 nail polish collection is also a limited edition hue from Chanel’s new neon brights collection. This is a neon red hue, with a matte finish. I was actually surprised to see this color in Chanel’s nail polish collection for the 2017 holidays. It is extremely bright; and not your traditional holiday red hue. It has a resort/summer feel to it; making it a great color option if you plan to go somewhere warm and exotic for the holiday season. I’m not sure I will wear it too often during the holidays. This is a color I will save for a beach getaway, or resort style trip. It is a great vacation option!

Chanel was thinking ahead when they made Chanel Scenario a matte nail polish. Despite it’s bright, neon nature, the matte finish makes Chanel Scenario easy to wear, and less flashy, then you would think a neon polish would look like on one’s nails. This is a winner for a bright neon nail polish! Love it!

Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Chanel Fiction

chanel fiction nail polish holidays 2017

How fabulous is this deep, dark green! Although it is reminiscent of Chanel Vert Obscur from the fall 2015 season, Chanel Fiction nail polish for the holiday 2017 season is slightly darker; more mysterious. This is a great color one would expect during the fall season; and not think of for the holidays. Since it is green, it flows nicely from the fall season into the holiday season; although it is an unexpected shade of green for the festive holiday season.

Although it is deep, dark, and mysterious, Chanel Fiction nail polish is my favorite color from the Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection. I love the fact that it is vampy, yet green! Something about any shade of green screams Christmas to me! haha It would be fun to put a golden, glitter top coat over Fiction by Chanel. A glittering top coat would give it a festive vibe for the holidays. I like Gold Leaf by Kendra Scott.

Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Chanel Celebrity

chanel celebrity nail polish holiday 2017

Chanel Celebrity nail polish from the holiday 2017 nail polish collection is a vampy black polish. it has a high shine, and deep, dark black hue. This is definitely the nail polish color for the holiday season if you would like to show off your edgy style by mixing things up this season. The fabulous thing about black nail polish is that is matches everything! This makes Chanel Celebrity nail polish perfect if you plan to wear differing color palettes this holiday season. It will be easy to wear without needing to worry about your nails clashing with your outfit. You really cannot go wrong with black nail polish; it’s like an avante-garde classic!

The Chanel holiday 2017 nail polish collection strays from traditional expectations of what nail color should be during the holiday season. This makes it fun, fresh, and avante-garde! I can’t wait to rock Chanel Fiction nail polish during the holiday 2017 season. It really is the perfect holiday hue for me. Chanel Celebrity nail polish will be great for when I don’t want a green hue on my nails, and want a little bit of edge. Now, about planning an exotic vacation so I can rock Chanel Scenario nail polish. . .

Which color from the Chanel nail polish holiday 2017 collection is your favorite? What do you think of these non-traditional seasonal hues?

Shop the Chanel Holiday 2017 nail polish collection online:

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Happy Holidays 2017!