Pureology hair care review

pureology professional hair care review

Pureology Professional hair care products from left: all products c/o Pureology: Hydrate Shampoo / Hydrate Conditioner / Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo / Texture Finishing Spray / Hydrate Soft /

OK, raise your hand if your hair is crazy-dry this year! My hand is waaaaaay up! If you are like me this year, you are spending the majority of your time outside. Since pretty much everything indoors is closed, with the exception of supermarkets and some stores, we have all been outside in the sun, at the pool, and at the beach. This has wreaked havoc on my hair; not to mention I have not been able to get my hair trimmed since March due to all of our salons being shut down. My hair is so dry, and in need of a haircut. Thankfully the Pureology products are saving me!

I was thrilled when Pureology sent me a PR package filled with their hair care products. I quickly found the purple bottle, the Hydrate collection, was the ideal line for my dry hair. I have been outside a lot, plus swimming in the pool more than usual. This has caused my untrimmed ends to become very dry, and close to getting brittle. I am loving the Pureology Hydrate collection because it has restored hydration to my ends, and my hair in general. While it cannot trim my hair for me, it does keep it healthy. Which is what we all need right now anyway!

I love that Pureology was created right here in California. Yay local!! In addition to being local, Pureology offers sulfate-free and vegan products which are professional quality. Salons always have the best products, and even though we cannot go to them right now, it is nice to be able to get that professional, salon quality hair care right at home. Love this!

Pureology is not only sulfate-free, and vegan, their products are made without parabens and mineral oil. This helps keep their products safer for the environment and for us, the users. Love! Plus, yes there is more, the packaging is made from 95% post consumer recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Love that!

OK, let me swing back around to how it hydrates my hair. Once a week I love to use the Pureology Hydrate Soft treatment. I am using this treatment after I shampoo and conditioner my hair. It really makes my hair healthy and hydrated by using key ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oil. It smells so good! I am addicted to this product!

On days when I don’t wash my hair, I can easily refresh it with the Pureology Refresh & Go dry shampoo. This dry shampoo works really well and doesn’t leave any white residue. It’s really awesome!

If you are not looking for hydration like me, Pureology also has a fabulous collection of strengthening and volume hair care products. I will include them in the shopping widget below. You can click on each one for more information.

Shop Pureology hair care products online:

I am in love with this hair care collection by Pureology! I hope you find you love it too.

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Chanel Melody nail polish summer 2020 review

summer 2020 nail polish chanel melody

pictured: Chanel Melody nail polish for summer 2020 /

How fabulous is this blue nail polish for summer 2020? Love it! Turns out, Chanel Melody is a nail polish hue which is part of Chanel’s summer 2020 beauty collection. It was not available yet when I originally did my Chanel summer 2020 nail polish post, so I found out about it after the fact. It’s such a fabulous color, I guess it wanted to be fashionably late to the summer nail polish party; and make an entrance! haha

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may have noticed how much I love blue. If you are new here, blue is my favorite color. In fact, any oceanic hue is on my favorite color list. With that knowledge, you must know this color is making me very happy!

Chanel Melody reminds me of water. It also reminds me of the sky. Two things in nature which offer beautiful blue hues. This is a fun color to add to your summer beauty collection and wear on days when you are hitting the beach, or the pool! I love it!

It’s a bright blue cream nail polish which offers a smooth application. I used one base coat, two coats of Chanel Melody nail polish, and one top coat. This polish goes on smoothly, leaving no streaks or clumps. It’s a really pretty color, and looks great once you are done with your nails!

Chanel summer 2020 nail polish collection online:

If you are looking for a fabulous blue hue this summer, Chanel Melody is your blue! I’m excited to wear it on beach days, pool days, and anytime I want to feel or look like I am near water. Love it!

What do you think of Chanel Melody nail polish for summer 2020? Are you as excited about it as I am?

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Chanel coco rouge flash lipstick summer 2020

Chanel lipsticks summer 2020

chanel summer 2020 lipsticks

Chanel summer 2020 Coco Rouge Flash lipstick collection from top left:  Chanel Easy / Chanel Amour / Chanel Dominant / Chanel Move / (from photos below) bold gold earrings (great for video conference calls!) / blue puff sleeve top / bold ring / summer nail polish /

The Chanel summer 2020 lipstick collection is here! While there are several additional colors than what I have featured here, these are the colors I like best; so they are the ones I am sharing with you.

You can see the full Chanel summer 2020 lipstick collection below:

The colors in Chanel’s lipstick collection for summer 2020 are darker than one would expect; especially since the summer nail polish collection is bright and cheery! The Chanel lipstick collection for summer 2020 features hues which are on the darker side than we expected for the warm summer season. The colors are actually dark enough to pass for fall! This makes the collection a good investment since the colors can be worn now, and well into the fall season. Love that!

Without further ado, here are my four favorite hues from the Chanel summer 2020 lipstick collection:

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash summer 2020: Chanel Easy lipstick

chanel easy lipstick summer 2020

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash summer 2020: Chanel Move lipstick

chanel move lipstick summer 2020

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash summer 2020: Chanel Amour lipstick

chanel amour lipstick summer 2020

Chanel Rouge Coco Flash summer 2020: Chanel Dominant lipstick

chanel dominant lipstick summer 2020

The four colors I chose are on the dark side, making them great for summer evenings, as well as video conferencing calls. After all, dark lipstick always seems to look better on video conference calls!

For everyday wear, and daytime wear, I love Chanel Easy. It is definitely my favorite hue from the summer 2020 collection. Chanel Move is my favorite color for video calls. It has a brighter look, which seems more in line with the season.

Please note: Chanel Dominant, Chanel Move, and Chanel Amour are all sold in a three pack together. This gives you a classic red, a dark evening hue, and a great color for video calls and daytime wear. I think it’s the perfect trio of lipsticks for summer. These colors will also work well in the fall season, so they have longevity. Love!

Shop Chanel summer 2020 lipstick online and my outfit:

Which color from the Chanel lipstick summer 2020 collection is your favorite?

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chanel summer 2020 lipstick collection