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Football game day style

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Outfit 1: bold gold and black earrings (fall 2017) c/o BaubleBar / Chanel lipstick / red and black striped 49ers tee c/o Levi’s / black and rose gold watch / rose gold cuff / Chanel fall nail polish / Chloe bag / Levi’s 501 skinny jeans (bought these last month-love them so much!) / black booties (old, also love this pair)

Outfit 2bold gold and black earrings (fall 2017) c/o BaubleBar / Chanel lipstick / 49ers rugby shirt c/o Levi’s / black and rose gold watch / rose gold cuff / Chanel fall nail polish / JW Anderson bag / Levi’s 501 skinny jeans (bought these last month-love them so much!) / black booties (old, also love this pair)

Football season is in full swing! This means we all need to sport gear which shows off who we are rooting for! Go Niners! (I also cheer for the Raiders-so Go Raiders!)

Levi’s has always been a mainstay in my life. There is always at least one pair of Levi’s jeans in my closet at all times. They have the most durable denim, flattering cuts, and they are the original denim designers; right here from San Francisco! I also feel a connection to them because my Great-Grandfather was one of the first people to sell Levi’s jeans to gold-miners during the gold rush from his general store. So when I learned Levi’s had a full collection of game day, football gear, I was thrilled!

what to wear to football game

Levi’s has a full collection of fabulous football game day shirts and jackets to help give you the perfect football game outfit ideas for both being in the stadium, or at a fun football watch party. I also find that Levi’s football game day apparel is great to wear on non-game days too! I love showing my support for my team!

This striped tee is is super cute for both game days, and casual days when football isn’t played. It offers short sleeves, and looks so perfect on warm or hot days. We all know Levi’s Stadium can get warm; our South Bay temperatures love to rise! This short sleeve tee is perfect for those warm home games!

Football season runs from warm fall days, into late fall, early winter. This means temperatures go from 80 degrees to 40 degrees during the season. I love this rugby shirt because it is thick and perfect for cold game days. Nothing is more annoying then throwing a jacket over my team shirt and covering up my team spirit! This rugby keeps me warm, and keeps my team support on display. Love that!

I just love my new 49ers gear from Levi’s. I need to snap up a couple more pieces to show my support for the Raiders too. Hopefully my gear will help bring some luck to the niners this season, they really need it!

You can find your favorite football team gear online at Levis.com

Shop my football game day style:

More football game outfit ideas from Levi’s:

*thank you to Levi’s for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own

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New York Fashion Week street style handbags

New York Fashion Week street style handbags from the spring 2018 shows held in September 2017

new york fashion week street style handbags

photo: a fashion week guest sits front row with her Cult Gaia Ark bag at the spring 2018 NYFW shows

While spring 2018 was being sent down the runways at New York Fashion Week in September 2017, guests attending the shows carried the hottest handbags for the fall 2017 season. While I wasn’t able to capture an extensive gallery of photos showing the handbags being carried at fashion week, I did observe which bags made it onto the arms of the fashionable set, and which ones were glaring absent.

There were many types of IT bags carried by guests of New York Fashion Week. Some of the bags were classic IT bags such as the Chanel Boy bag, and the Givenchy Antigona (new to the classic category), while others were up and comers such as the Cult Gaia Ark bag, and the Mark Cross Benchley bag.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags are what dictate the IT bags of the new season.

Gucci had a huge moment last year, and it seems that moment is starting to fade. While the Gucci Marmont was the IT bag for last spring and summer, it was no-where to be found this season at fashion week. The Gucci bag showing staying power in the IT bag arena is the Gucci Dionysus.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Gucci Dionysus bags:

JW Anderson has found IT bag status with his Pierce bag. The Pierce bag emerged last season on the streets of New York Fashion Week, and it showed up again this season. For fall 2017, the fashion week set preferred the JW Anderson Pierce bag in neutrals hues and red. It seems Pierce bag fans want their investment to have staying power; proving the bag will be around for several seasons to come.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop JW Anderson Pierce bags:

Mark Cross is having a moment! The Mark Cross Grace bag has been around for eons; but this is the first time it was so dominant on the streets of fashion week. The Grace bag was spotted in several colors; both seasonal and neutral. In addition to Mark Cross’s iconic Grace bag, his up-and-coming Benchley bag was also splashed all over the fashion week streets. The Benchley was also spotted in both seasonal, and neural hues. Mark Cross is the handbag designer to watch for fall. He just rocketed from classic luxury to the world of IT bags.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Mark Cross bags:

Chanel is always a mainstay at fashion week, but the resurgence of the Boy bag took me by surprise. While the classic flap and 2.55 are always spotted at fashion week, season after season, the Boy bag went from IT bag status a few years ago, to “just another designer bag” status. This season, it seems to be making a comeback. Instead of the fashion set carrying it in bright colors, patent, patterns, and the like; the Chanel Boy bag was carried mostly in classic black, with a few neutral hues thrown in around town. This proves the staying power of the Boy bag.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop pre-loved Chanel Boy bags:

Isn’t summer over? Of course it is in the fashion world. But, that didn’t stop guests of New York Fashion Week from carrying circle bags, and straw circle bags in general. Circle bags were a hot summer trend, and it appears the non-traditional handbag silhouette is staying hot for the fall season. There wasn’t one circle bag in general which stood from the crowd, but circle bags were spotted throughout fashion week paired with fall trends.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop straw circle bags:

Playing off the straw bag phenomena, the Cult Gaia Ark bag, which was the IT bag of summer 2017, was also seen all over the streets of New York Fashion Week. This is a handbag trend which seems to be jumping seasons. If straw can be worn after labor day, why not bamboo?

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop the Cult Gaia Ark bag:

The Givenchy Antigona was a popular, classic IT bag this season at fashion week. When I was in line for the shows, there always seemed to be someone next to me carrying one. I pointed out being “twins” to a couple of ladies, but they didn’t seem to think it was as cute as I thought it was that we were standing next to each other with the same bag. Oh well, not everyone thinks matching is fun. haha

I could go on for days about my love of the Givechy Antigona bag, but I don’t want to bore you.  Just know this, if you need a workhorse bag which is extremely durable, and comfortable, and which also has IT bag status; the Givenchy Antigona is what you need to invest in.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Givechy Antigona bags:

Can all the #ChloeGirls have a moment? Both the Chloe Faye, and the Chloe Nile, were present at New York Fashion Week. While a few Drew’s were sprinkled around, the Faye, medium size to be exact, and the Nile, in all sizes, were the Chloe bags of the moment.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags: shop Chloe Faye, and Chloe Nile bags:

There you have it! My apologies for not having a more visual post, but you can see what some of these IT bags look like from the shopping widgets below each description. Next season I will be at fashion week longer and will have some spare time to stand outside the shows and get photos for you. These are my observations from inside the shows, and standing in line for the shows, waiting for doors to open.

New York Fashion Week street style handbags are what launch bags into the IT bag arena. These are the bags to covet, and own, for the fall 2017 season and beyond. Which current IT bag is your favorite?

Escaping the heat in Chinatown

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wearing: blue tassel earrings / Chanel lipstick / black cape tee c/o SheIn (so comfy and under $15!) / gold-tone snake necklace c/o BaubleBar /  JW Anderson bag / gold-tone cuff (sold out, also love this one on sale) / black leather and rose gold watch / Chanel fall nail polish / distressed jeans (sold out, also love this pair on sale) / Gucci mules

Over the Labor Day weekend, we had temperatures ranging from 95 to 108 degrees. We tend to get a heatwave this time of year every year, but this time, it seemed worse. In 2008, we moved from San Jose to Saratoga and it was 105 degrees the day we moved. Our movers were so tired from the heat, they stopped bringing furniture upstairs! It was kind of a nightmare to move in such extreme heat. I could never live in an area where these types of temperatures are considered normal. Thank goodness this only happens about once per year.

In order to escape the heat over the weekend, we went north to San Francisco. The city is usually a bit cooler then the south bay, so we hoped for bearable temperatures, and maybe even some fog. Of course the day we went, the temperature in the city was about 90, and the humidity was crazy high! My early fall outfit turned out to be a little bit warm for the conditions. This fun cape tee was perfect, but the jeans were a little too thick. Oh well, that’s life, right?!

Despite the heat and humidity, we managed to have a lot of fun. We took the kids to Chinatown; which is a part of the city we don’t normally think of taking the kids. There aren’t any “kid” destinations there; mainly shops, restaurants, and lanterns. The kids loved the shops and the overall vibe of Chinatown. I was afraid they wouldn’t like the crowded, hustle-and-bustle of this part of town, but they loved it!

Since we were in Chinatown, we knew we had to grab some dim sum. We stopped in at Peninsula Seafood Restaurant on Jackson, which offered us a wait time of thirty minutes for a table of five. It turned out to be a forty-five minute wait, but it was so worth it! The food was delicious, and my kids were in dim sum heaven. I definitely want to go back for more!

After we ate, we made the kids walk up to Coit Tower to check out the view. It was overcast, so not much of a view; but still a good walk, and the kids had fun. I thought it was so cute when the kids asked when we are going back to Chinatown! Looks like I have some city slickers on my hands! We will definitely go back sometime soon.

Did you have a heat wave over Labor Day weekend? What were your temps and how did you escape the heat?

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