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Cozy casual for the holidays

wearing: bold silver earrings / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Lilac” / blanket scarf (similar online here for under $10) / black long sleeve tee (similar online here) / red cashmere cardigan sweater (on major sale!-comes in many colors!) / skinny jeans (on major sale!) / Chloe bag / Chanel winter nail polish / charcoal suede boots (so comfy!)

December is the season to wear red! I feel like my wardrobe this year is comprised of grey and black. So when I spotted this cozy cardigan on major sale, I had to snap one up in red!

This cardigan is so soft and cozy. It is perfect to wear right now as a casual holiday look. I plan on wearing it Christmas day too. This cardigan is a fabulous grab and go sweater as well, love that!

This is such a busy time of year. My oldest daughter is getting ready for her semester finals, and my younger two children are wrapping up their semester with projects and tests. I’m heading into busy season with one of my volunteer jobs, and I am hosting Christmas this year! I wish we had a little bit more time before Christmas. It is coming so fast!

Are you busy this holiday season? How are you managing your time?

If you are hosting an event this holiday season, and need a fun, non-alcoholic drink idea, check out my Harry Potter inspired Butterbeer recipe.

Shop my casual Christmas outfit idea:

My two youngest children took these photos. I think they did a pretty good job!

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Chanel winter 2018 nail polish review | Chanel Collection Chiffree

chanel winter nail polish holiday nail polish 2017

pictured: Chanel winter 2018 nail polish collection from left: Chanel Vert No. 22 / Chanel Vert No. 19 / Chanel Vert No. 31 / all from the Chanel Collection Chiffree nail polish collection

Well this is rare! After releasing the holiday 2017 nail polish collection, Chanel has released a special collection of limited edition nail polishes for the winter 2018 season. This rare, winter collection, is comprised of three, green-based nail colors which are named after numbers that had a special meaning for Coco Chanel. Love this!

Every season, Chanel creates colors based upon the clothing collection for that particular season. These nail polish collections typically reflect the color palette Chanel is showing for that particular season. This time around, Chanel has released a collection based upon lucky numbers which have a special meaning for Coco Chanel. I love collections like this!

The last time I invested in a special piece by Chanel which was reflective of something that meant a lot to her, I purchased a black “Puzzle Pieces” tote. Remember that collection from over ten years ago? It was based upon a quilt Coco had created, and Karl Lagerfeld later discovered, in her archives. The collection had been a nod to her love of quilting fashioned after the puzzle piece quilt. This nail polish collection feels just as special.

There is something else different about the Chanel winter 2018 nail polish collection. The brush! The cylindrical brush we have all come to know and love is a thing of the past. Chanel has jumped on the flat brush bandwagon and designed a flat application brush. This brush is a bit longer, and leaner, then other brushes we have seen on the market; allowing it to brush the nail polish on evenly, without getting the skin around your nail all messed up. Love that!

Without further ado, here are the three green hues for winter 2018 from the Chanel Collection Chiffree nail polish line..

Chanel winter 2018 nail polish – Chanel Vert No. 22 – Collection Chiffree

chanel winter 2018 nail polish review

Chanel Vert no. 22 nail polish is a dark grey with a green tinge. This is my favorite color from the collection. Vert no. 22 by Chanel is a beautiful neutral hue created in a cream nail polish. I used one base coat, and two coats of color. The polish applied evenly, without streaking. This is the perfect color to wear with the camo trend of the moment. Love it!

Chanel winter 2018 nail polish – Chanel Vert No. 31 – Collection Chiffree

chanel nail polish winter 2018

This is a sassy, deep, dark green nail polish. Chanel Vert no. 31 offers a late fall, green look which is dark enough to carry you through winter. This polish needed one base coat, and three coats of color. It was a little bit streaky after the second coat, but the third coat gave it the perfect even hue you see above. Chanel Vert no. 31 nail polish is a beautiful color. Love it!

Chanel winter 2018 nail polish – Chanel Vert No. 19 – Collection Chiffree

chanel vert no 19 nail polish winter 2018 review

How pretty is Chanel Vert no 19 nail polish! This is the perfect color to wear towards the end of the winter season. It will transition well into resort, and spring, since this color was found on the resort runways. I plan on wearing it at the end of January and into February when my wardrobe starts to transition to spring. I tested Vert no 19 by Chanel out with one base coat and two coats of color. It is a cream polish which applies evenly to perfection. Love!

You can find the limited edition Chanel Collection Chiffree makeup line for the winter 2018 season online here.

Chanel Collection Chiffree for winter 2018:

Which color is your favorite?



Pantone color of 2018 Ultra Violet

color trends 2018

photo courtesy of Pantone

The color f 2018 is here. Color authority Pantone has announced the ultimate IT color for the year 2018; and it is a beautiful, blue purple hue named “Ultra Violet.”

Pantone goes through a lengthy process in order to determine the color of the year, each year. They study everything from politics to economics to what is trending in every aspect of design; fashion, art, interior design, sculpture, architecture, automotive design, food, and more. In order to give you the most useful information about the IT color of 2018, I hopped on a conference call with Pantone to learn all about their analysis, process, and the color of the year 2018, Ultra Violet.

Ultra Violet evokes the climate of our times. People right now have visionary thinking. We are exploring new technologies, and we are looking forward to what will be discovered, and created, in the future. Purple is the color of “transformation,” it symbolizes new discoveries, mindfulness, and power. It has a magical and mystical vibe; which is why it was favored in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Purple was, and still is, psychedelic; and it is , and was, favored by the counter-culture. Think Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.”

If you think about the counter culture of the late 1960s, and early 1970s, it was a time of discovery, change, and protest. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps it does. This also reflects the current climate we are living in right now. We are discovering new technologies, seeking change, and protesting what we don’t agree with. This is our current vibe, you dig? 😉

As we moved towards our current time of transformation, we began to see Ultra Violet popping up in fashion with the fall 2016 season; and each season it has slowly gained traction. Now, as we move into 2018, and the upcoming spring 2018 fashion season, we are seeing Ultra Violet explode.

Ultra Violet, and similar blue purple hues, are being shown as stand alone colors in fashion. We are going to start to see solid colored clothing, as well as accessories and beauty products, in this blue purple hue as we move into spring 2018. In addition to purple dresses, pants, coats and the like, we will be seeing Ultra Violet mixed into various prints.

nina tiari nyfw spring 2018

Ultra Violet used in a floral pattern on the Nina Tiari spring 2018 runway at New York Fashion Week. Photo Credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2017© 

It isn’t just fashion where we will see Ultra Violet take form. Both luxury and economy cars are experimenting with the color, and interior design will be using the blue purple hue more often in decor. Artist, sculptures, architects, and even chef’s are using Ultra Violet and similar shades in their work.

Purple is also starting to get popular as a color used in lighting! Designers are using purple lighting in bathrooms, hotel rooms, and other places where they want to create a calm and inspiring vibe.

maison the faux nyfw spring 2018

photo: Maison the Faux spring 2018 runway at New York Fashion Week, notice the purple lighting. Photo credit Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2017©

Our world is so over-connected, Ultra Violet is a fabulous, calming hue which helps us all seek refuge from the world as it is today. It is a mystical, magical color which inspires us to discover and create new technologies, art and the like; while it guides us into the future. Cheers to 2018 and what it will bring!

color of the year 2018 ultra violet

photo courtesy of Pantone