Rain boots for fall; stay fabulous even during the worst storms!

Rain boots and rain shoes are one of the more difficult items to find while shopping for fall. Although the rainy season has not started yet here in the Bay Area, this is the perfect time to shop for rain gear since the stores are fully stocked and many Fashionistas are not thinking about the wet weather just yet. Every year, Bay Area Fashionistas wait until the first rain storm to run to the mall for rain boots, rain shoes and other wet weather essentials. By the time everyone arrives at the store for rain gear,all of the good items are gone! That is why the best time to shop for rain boots, rain shoes and rain gear is right now; before the rain comes.

The biggest challenge for a Fashionista on a rainy day is staying true to his or her personal style yet remaining as dry as possible. That last thing anyone wants to do is wear a fabulous pair of leather boots when the rain is pouring down out of the sky! The best solution for remaining dry and leaving the Prada boots at home is to invest in a fabulous pair of rubber boots; and not the ones from a fishing store!

Chanel has the most incredible pair of rain boots for fall 2010. Chanel’s rain boots hit about mid-calf and feature two camellia’s on the outside shaft of the boots. There is a goldtone Chanel insignia on the flowers making the rain boots not only functional but fashionable! Although the price tag is high for rain boots at $395, as long as Chanel’s rain boots are not worn while walking through a river on a fishing trip, they should hold up for several years; making the Chanel rain boots a good wet weather investment purchase.

Gucci is also offering a rain boot for fall with a 2″ heel in black, green or bordeaux rubber. The boots are sleek and offer straight lines which helps to make them easy to pair with any wet weather outfit. Gucci’s rain boots are $270. Burberry also offers rain boots for fall with their signature nova-check at $225. There are also rubber lace rain boots by Valentino for $295 which are lavender and sassy.

The largest selection of rain boots comes from Hunter. Hunter offers everything from traditional rubber or “welly” boots in a variety of colors to motorcycle inspired styles with straps and buckles. The Hunter line of rain boots can be found for under $225 at Neiman Marcus.

Staying dry and looking fabulous can go hand in hand. There is no reason to throw on yellow fishing boots as soon as the sky opens up. Chanel, Gucci and Hunter offers fabulous and fashionable solutions for Fashionistas in the Bay Area and beyond. Happy shopping and stay fabulous. 


Chanel rain boots fall 2010.
Photo copyright 2010 Bay Area Fashionista