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Handbags you can wear in the rain

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Handbags you can wear in the rain from top left: white and clear mini tote (under $200) / red satchel (under $60) also in black and white / black jelly satchel (hot trend item under $50!) /  Tory Burch tote (under $500) / Ted Baker black tote (under $60) / Valentino tote (hot designer IT item under $1500!) /

The rainy season is here! It’s time to protect our fabulous leather, and fabric handbags, and turn our bag wardrobes over to something more water resistant. Enter, the PVC handbag.

While PVC handbags were a hot trend over the past few years, winter 2020 is entering into a new rain resistant fabrication; the jelly bag.

Remember jelly shoes when we were kids? Jelly bags also were a thing around Y2K, and now they are back! Look for designer and affordable options made from soft PVC with a jelly-like feel. I love this option for under $60. Saving money on a hot trend is my thing!

Although jelly handbags are gaining momentum, your PVC bag from last year is still relevant, on trend, and ideal for the rainy weather. If you jumped on the PVC bandwagon, never fear, you can keep wearing your bag without worrying about upgrading this year to a new, rain resistant bag; unless of course you want to 😉

Looking to invest in a new rain resistant bag? Opt for a jelly satchel, or a PVC tote. You will be glad you did! Here are a few fabulous jelly and PVC bags from around the web to get you through the rainy season. I found fabulous bags which are affordable, as well as designer IT items. Gotta love a good designer IT bag!

Which style PVC or jelly bag is your favorite? What is your favorite bag to wear in the rain?

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Fashionable rain boots at great prices

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pictured: high heel rain boots in black /

The rainy season is here! Do you have a fabulous pair of rain boots to keep your feet nice and dry on wet days? If not, you have found the right place on the Internet.

My biggest pet peeve is looking frumpy on rainy days. Just because I want to stay dry, doesn’t mean I want to look like a giant puffer coat. If you are like me, you like to stay dry AND look fabulous while doing it!

Fashionable rain boots can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need a flat pair, and other times you need to look fabulous in high heels. When wearing heels in the rain, you want to rock those heels, not look like a fashion victim. So, a solid and supportive stacked heel is the perfect way to add some height without the risk of a broken ankle.

I found this pair of fashionable rain boots which also happen to be a pair of affordable rain boots for the fall and winter seasons. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is when we get most of our rain, so our feet need to be prepared; and fabulous! I love this pair of high heel rain boots I found priced under $60. I can stay dry, and still add some height to my 5’4″ frame.  Now THAT’S fabulous! I love a good bargain that is also on trend! Don’t you?

In addition to these high heel rain boots, there are plenty of fashionable rain boots on the market this fall 2018 season. So, I assembled the most fabulous rain boots from around the web into the shopping widget below. I hope you find your perfect pair!

Shop fashionable rain boots for fall and winter:

What is your favorite style of rain boots? Have you tried wearing high heel rain boots in the rain?

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How to protect your purse in the rain

cute handbag raincoat fashionable handbag raincoat how to keep your purse dry in the rainhow to protect your purse in the rain how to protect your handbag in the raingussy purse raincoatfashionable purse raincoat protecting your handbag in the rainhow a handbag raincoat worksgussy handbag raincoat raincoat for handbaghandbag raincoat fastenerhandbag raincoatpolka dot gussy handbag raincoathow to keep your handbag dry in the rain

Pictured: Earrings: Devon Leigh / Sunglasses: Chanel / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa / Trench coat: Burberry (really old, also love SAVE or SPLURGE) / Tee: Banana Republic / Skirt: Express / Handbag: Givenchy / Purse raincoat: c/o The Gussy (under $25!!) / Nail Polish: Dior Cruise / Shoes: Topshop

Have you ever wondered how to keep your purse dry in the rain, or better yet, how to protect your purse in the rain? So have I! Anytime the clouds gather, I start to cringe if I am out somewhere with one of my favorite handbags. The last thing a handbag girl wants is for her bag to get ruined by the rain!

I have thought about carrying a garbage bag with me, so I can throw it over my handbag when the skies open up, but alas, I cannot see myself accessorized with a garbage bag over my handbag. I just can’t. So when I heard about The Gussy, I was more than thrilled; I was ecstatic!

The Gussy is the most amazing thing to happen to handbags since the advent of “IT” status. There is no better way to protect a precious purse than The Gussy. It is the ultimate “IT” bag accessory! Love!

This fabulous handbag raincoat can adjust to fit any size purse. It has three flaps which can go inside a handbag’s handle, or around it. You can see my demonstration in the photos above of how The Gussy works to fit a handbag. My Givenchy Antigona is the small size, so as you can see, The Gussy fits it perfectly with plenty of room to spare. This purse raincoat can definitely fit larger bags too! Love that!

I also love how small, and compact, The Gussy folds up to be! It slides perfectly into the side of the interior of my handbag; leaving plenty of room for my purse essentials. It is quite handy. I am so happy I don’t have to wonder how to protect my purse in the rain anymore.

The Gussy is available in several patterns and colors. I just love the navy with white polka dots. It matches my favorite navy umbrella perfectly. They make a great rainy day pair!

I have always wondered how to keep my purse dry in the rain, so discovering The Gussy is a life saver! Have you ever wondered how to protect your purse in the rain? If you have, definitely check out The Gussy. It is so perfect for keeping your handbag dry in the rain!

 If you have ever pondered how to protect your purse in the rain, then check out The Gussy online! You will love the collection! The Gussy can be found online at TheGussy.com