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Designer handbags on sale from top left: baguette (avl in more colors) / yellow clutch (in the color of 2021 this is a great investment) / pink small bag (see my review here) / tan handbag / evening clutch / pink pleated bucket bag /

The sales are SO GOOD right now! Loving all these fabulous handbags on sale. It’s not often that so many fabulous designer handbag styles go on sale. This is one blessing we can say for 2020! The handbag sales!

This yellow clutch is an amazing deal. Not only is it the color of 2021, it’s a classic style from the designer which will transcend season, and be easy to wear during any season, year after year after year, and so on and so forth! I love the added sparkle on the glove handle too, it’s fabulous!

These are all classic styles which can worn for years. I love a good investment bag, and these are amazing prices on investment bags! Which bag is your favorite? Mine is the yellow clutch!

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Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: The Rose Blush Shoe

One of the biggest classic tricks a Fashionista has up her sleeves, in order to make her legs appear longer, is to wear high heels that are close in color to her leg. This elongates the leg and makes one appear taller and more fabulous. This fall, there is a move away from skin-tone beige and a move towards the rose or blush colored shoe. This shoe is being shown in classic high heel pump styles as well as extremely trendy cut out styles, open toe booties and ankle straps.

Hot designers such as Prada, Chanel and Christian Louboutin are showing this hue for fall and it is already creating quite a buzz in the form of flying off store shelves! What is intriguing about rose or blush is that the shade easily blends with autumn colors such as brown, burgundy, plum and forest green; all colors that are hot for fall 2011.

In addition to shoes, the rose or blush shade is popping up on handbags and apparel. As the fashion world moves away from candy pink, or Pantone’s “Honeysuckle,” the rose/blush color is taking the place as the ultimate “feminine shade” for fall. With fall’s sophisticated vintage trend and embellishment trends such as lace, rose/blush is the easiest color to pair with the majority of one’s fall 2011 wardrobe.

Rose/blush is also light enough to carry into winter when colors become softer. Another reason to invest in the famed hue? Rose/blush has been spotted on the Berlin spring 2012 runways; signaling to the fashion world that is may be an important shoe color for 2012. 


Rose/Blush trend for fall 2011 by bayareafashionista featuring a convertible handbag

Stay fabulous and warm on New Years

New Years Eve is an evening when many Fashionistas find themselves attending a semi-formal or formal event where keeping warm just is not on the agenda. Most party attire does not offer long, warm sleeves; rather, they bare the shoulder or provide little coverage in the form of a short sleeve. For an evening such as this, a wrap is in order.

The one type of cover up Fashionistas should have their closets, or invest in for New Years this year, is a black formal wrap. A formal wrap is an easy way to keep warm and not hide your entire outfit underneath a large coat. If you have a black wrap in velvet, silk or cashmere buried in your closet, then you are all set for keeping warm this New Years Eve without sacrificing your fabulous outfit. If you do not already own a wrap that works with your holiday attire or is basic black, then it is time to go shopping.

There are several classic yet festive wraps on store shelves right now that will also make great investment pieces. Iiana Wolf has a sequin silver and black wrap that is perfect for New Years and can easily be an investment piece for years to come. Gucci has a festive black or lavender animal print wrap that features fringe on the edges. Loro Piana has a wool scarf that features animal prints. Although not a formal wrap, the Loro Piana wrap can easily be worn for a semi-formal event and with any pant outfit.

The thing to look for in an investment wrap is longevity and quality. Wraps should be classic and in a color that you know will integrate well with your current wardrobe. The quality should also high since a wrap is on the outside of your outfit, it will be the first impression someone has of your ensemble. Look for quality wools, velvet and smooth silk. Happy shopping, Happy New Years and have a fabulous night  


Loro Piana wrap from the winter 2010 collection. Photo courtesy of Loro Piana