Stay bright on rainy days this spring

Oh the rain! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have had an extremely dry winter. The mild climate and warm sunshine have allowed Fashionistas around Northern California to start wearing their fabulous spring clothing and accessories. The bright spring 2012 colors combined with the sunny weather have put everyone in the mood for the warm summer months. Of course, the rain has decided to come now, in the middle of March. 

The March rains are seasonal. Every year we enjoy spring showers through April. The odd thing about this particular rain storm is that it just does not feel right! We have been enjoying spring weather over the past few months and going back to winter, for even just one week, feels odd.
Fortunately the bright spring colors of the season can keep us in our warm weather moods and brighten up even the dreariest of days. So toss aside that black umbrella, boring black rain boots and black nylon handbag. It is time to brighten up the grey sky!
Furla has fabulous spring handbags this season which also happen to be made from rubber. Perfect for the rain! These bright little numbers will also work perfectly when the weather is warm and sunny since a rubber handbag will survive a day at the beach and an entire summer by the pool. 
In addition to Furla brightening up the world of handbags, there are so many fabulous and colorful rain boots on the market right now. Why would you wear black? Look for polka dots, yellow, bright green, festive blues and of course the color of the year; Tangerine Tango. 
We scoured the web and found a few bright, rain friendly items to add a little sunshine to rainy days. Hope you enjoy! Stay dry and fabulous 
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Fabulous and fashionable umbrellas

One of the more cumbersome parts of a rainy day is the need for an umbrella. Fashion savvy men and women spend time on their hair and putting an outfit together, the last thing anyone wants to happen is to look like a bucket of water was dumped on top of their head. Although a hooded rain jacket can sometimes do the trick, hat head can happen easily, therefore ruining a perfectly good hair day. What every fashion conscious man and women needs is a fabulous and fashionable umbrella.

Say goodbye to a boring black umbrella! Unless you are taking public transportation or plan to be outdoors where you might need to place your umbrella on the ground, there is no need for a black umbrella. Black umbrellas are a must for any umbrella collection as they serve a practical purpose, but, when a black umbrella is not needed to hide the dirt, a fabulous umbrella is in order.

There are plenty of ways to express your fashion savvy knowledge through an umbrella. There are classic umbrellas such as the nova check umbrella from Burberry or a signature G umbrella from Gucci and there are also fashion forward designer umbrellas such as the patterns from Marc Jacobs. These are both good ways to express your fashionable side as the sky opens up.

There are also umbrellas which fit into the current trends. A vintage umbrella is a great way to match your umbrella to your vintage, fall outfit. Why not use a 1960’s umbrella paired with a mod dress and fabulous, brightly colored rain boots! A vintage floral umbrella can easily blend with the current feminine trend and carry you into spring when the rain showers appear and you are wearing spring’s hot floral print trend. A floral umbrella can even spice up a solid, pale colored outfit; another trend for spring 2011. A floral vintage umbrella can also double as a parasol when the sun is shining bright in the spring and summer.

Getting married during the rain? There are even wedding umbrellas to match that fabulous Vera Wang wedding gown! Why not use a petticoat white umbrella which can easily double as a parasol in warm weather.

Although umbrellas are practical and a necessity of life when it comes to a rainy day, there is always a reason to find a fabulous and fashionable umbrella. Even better if that umbrella can double as a parasol in the warm weather. Classic and fashionable umbrellas can be found at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Unique umbrellas can be found at Happy shopping and stay fabulous.