Summer sandals 2021

summer sandals 2021

Summer sandals 2021 from left: black puffy casual slides / yellow puffy block heel slides / woven leather black slides /

Summer is fast approaching! As the weather warms up during the spring season, we are all thinking about investing in at least one pair of sandals to get us through late spring, the summer season, and early fall. This summer, sandals have taken a new turn; so ditch last years sandals, there are new styles and trends to love this year!

The summer 2021 season is all about retro, 1990s vibes and comfort. As we ditch our slippers and go back out into the wild, we need actual street shoes. The dilemma is that we all got used to wearing super comfy, cushy slippers all day long. Not this year! We are all getting back to our almost-normal lives, and we need shoes we can wear out on the streets! In order to solve this comfort-vs-utility problem, sandals and shoes for 2021 are throwing back to the late 1990s when comfort was king, and jokes were made. Oh yes, I am talking about the mall shoe.

Mall shoes are not as bad as they were twenty plus years ago. This time around, designers have made the style more sleek and chic; keeping the comfort, but ditching the bubble bottoms. Love that! So when you shop for summer sandals this year, look for slides with thick soles which offer both comfort and style.

In addition to thicker, flat soles, mules and block heel slides are all the rage. Look for easy-to-walk-in sculpted heels and block heels. Want to keep your slides funky? I knew you would! Puffy shoes are back. Remember them from roughly 2003? Puffy slides and sandals are very in this year; and they are very comfortable! Instead of going for the skinny strap trend, which I am skipping because they cut up your feet, look for puffy styles which are like pillows on your feet. Love!

Unless you have been quarantining in a cave without wifi, you know by now that everything Bottega Veneta is hotter than hot. Of course, their prices are on the high side. If BV is above your budget, never fear, the woven leather trend is here! All brands and price ranges offer woven leather sandals and slides this year. Woven leather is soft too; so if puffy shoes aren’t your thing, you can opt for the sleeker, more classic look of woven leather.

Slides are hotter than strappy sandals this year. Prove me wrong.

So as you shop for summer sandals in 2021, don’t be afraid to opt for comfort. Comfort is king this year. Also, have some fun with your sandals! Look for puffy styles, woven leathers, sculpted heels, and fun colors. Think of this summer as the roaring twenties, have fun with your footwear!

I opted for three pairs of slides this summer as my summer sandal wardrobe. One yellow, puffy pair of block heel slides as my fun shoes, one pair of casual and puffy black slides for everyday wear, and one pair of dressier, woven leather slides. I feel like three pairs fit my lifestyle this year. All three pairs are comfortable, and easy to walk in; that’s what we all need this year!

Shop my favorite summer sandals for the 2021 summer season online:

Which summer sandal styles are you loving this year?

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Pre-Fall 2017 trend report | styles to wear now

pre-fall 2017 trend report style fashion shoes handbags

pictured: fall 2017 embroidered, block heel slides (under $150)

The fall 2017 collections are pouring onto store shelves, and online shops. Despite these fabulous fashions which made it from the runways to the streets for the fall 2017 season, the weather outside is still screaming summer!

If you are like me, you want to wear the newest fashion trends from the runways as soon as they become available. Unfortunately, many fall 2017 trends are too warm to wear in this eighty degree summer heat. That is where pre-fall comes in. It is the ultimate way to wear the new fall trends during the summer months. Pre-fall styles help us stay ahead of the fashion curve, while remaining comfortable in the current season. So to help us stay on trend for fall, and cool for summer, here is my pre-fall 2017 trend report featuring the hottest fall trends which can be worn now.

Pre-Fall 2017 trend report with styles you can wear now

Clean denim: No more tears and distressing for fall! If you already own a ton of jeans with distressed knees and the like, it is OK. You can continue to wear them, just don’t buy them! Torn denim is changing it’s tune for fall 2017. Look for complete knees and rear’s; only look for distressed hemlines, that is where distressing is at for fall 2017.

Slides and mules: Oh this beloved trend from spring is too hot to touch for fall! Slides and mules are all the rage this fall 2017 season; and you can wear them now! Since slides and mules have an open back, they allow air flow, which means you can wear them in the hot summer weather. They can be worn now and well into the fall season. Only rain or snow will make you store your slides for better weather! If you don’t already own a clean and classic black pair, now is the time to invest in a pair. If you already own black slides, look for on trend metallic or embroidered mules to round out your fall collection. You will look fabulous!

Pink: This is the color that will not go away! Keep wearing vivid pinks and pale pink tones. Your summer pinks will carry you through the fall season; and they will be perfect for the weather! Love that!

Embellished handbags: Since handbags transcend weather, a fall 2017 embellished handbag is the perfect fall statement piece to carry you from summer into fall. Look for a fun, fabulous handbag with all the embellishments you love for fall. You can carry it everyday starting today, and throughout the fall season!

Leopard Print: Meow! Groundbreaking right? Who would have thunk, leopard print for fall?! ha! Pull out your animal prints from storage and start rocking them now. You can slide into leopard print mules, or use a lightweight scarf to turn a summer ensemble into a eye-catching fall look.

Textured, feminine fabrications: Satins, velvets, and lace fabrics are still all the rage for fall. Your spring and summer pieces in these soft fabrics are perfect to wear now through the fall season. Look for slip dresses you can wear now, and then wear one over a body-conscious turtleneck in the cooler weather. They are the ultimate summer to fall transition piece.

Also, the fall 2017 trends will include tiered sleeves, black/white combos, pops of red, asymmetrical lines, shades of grey, toned down ruffles, cropped pants, booties, over the knee boots, shades of blue, shoulder bags, top handle satchels, and more! So when you are looking through your closet and putting together your pre-fall 2017 outfits, keep these additional trends in mind!

There you have it! The pre-fall 2017 trend report featuring the hottest trends that made it from the runways to the streets. You can wear these trends right now by mixing up your summer wardrobe and adding a few key, fall pieces to up your game. The pre-fall, transitional season does not last long, so stay tuned for my full fledged fall trend report next month! In the meantime, rock these pre-fall 2017 trends and stay cool 😉

Slides for spring 2017

Pictured: black suede slides

Shoe trends for spring 2017 are crystal clear; slides, mules and Adidas sneakers. When the occasion calls for something dressier then sneakers, you will need slides for spring 2017, or a pair of mules for the season.

Slides and mules have been sneaking into fashion for the past three years. It is in the spring 2017 season that they have taken the streets by storm; leaving little room for any other shoe style!

Since shoes are being shown highly embellished, tied in bows, denim, printed with patterns or stripes, and in classic solid color styles for spring 2017, there is a style of slides or mules for every taste, occasion, and comfort level. Love that!

Pictured: beige suede slides

It does not matter if you like flats, heels, covered toes, open toes, leather, fabric, suede, or other, there is a style of slides, or mules, out there for you this spring season. There is no wrong slide or mule on the market! Anything goes, as long as your shoe is backless. Love!

Mules and slides were on the spring runways in New York for the spring and summer seasons. Not only were they on the catwalk, they made it to the streets quickly! It seems as though everyone has at least one pair of slides or mules this season. If you are wondering what to add to your closet for spring, I would recommend one pair of black mules, a light colored pair of slides, and a third pair in a fun print for spring. This will give you two basic options to wear with almost anything, and one fun pair for spicing up a neutral outfit or jeans with a tee.

spring 2017 shoe trends

These are my absolute favorite slides for spring 2017 and mules for the year. (mules will carry you into fall and winter!!). From top left: street style black slide (very NYFW) / Gucci Princeton (hot IT shoe-get it while it is in stock!) / embellished mule (great style for under $100!!) / striped slides (two trends in one!) / Gucci Marmont slides (hot IT shoe) / slides with tassels (these are so cute and under $110!-on my wish list!!) / multi-colored striped mules (three spring trends in one!!) / black mules (I have these in beige, pictured above, super comfortable-love!!) / black studded mules (so cute and under $175!!)

Slides for spring, and mules for the year, are such great shoe styles to invest in now. They are comfortable, and fun to wear. I am in love with all of the pairs pictured in the collage above; I wish I could fit them all in my closet!! Which pair is your favorite? Have you jumped on the slides for spring trend yet? Did you grab a pair of mules yet? Mules will carry you into fall; good long-term shoe shoe investment for the year!

Slides for spring 2017 around the web:

Mules for spring 2017 around the web:

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black gucci slides

Pictured: Gucci Princeton mules in black