Layered earrings for right now

layered stacked earrings for fall 2015

From top left: (on model) Stud set / Ear Cuff set / Leaf earring set /  Multi-Hoop studs / Pink ear crawlers

Layered earrings are back! Stacking multiple pairs of earrings, or a combination of studs, cuffs, and crawlers, was a huge trend in jewelry in the late 1980s through to the mid-1990s. When the ’90’s became a decade of influence in fashion a few years ago, the trend started to resurface; and now it is here with a bang.

Arguably the hottest street style trend of the moment, the stacked or layered earring trend is fun to follow. Haven’t we all been itching to use those extra holes in our ears from our middle school, high school, and college years?

Layered earrings is an easy to trend to adapt to. There are two ways to follow it. You can have multiple piercings in your ears, or you can pretend with one pair of stud earrings, and a combination of crawlers and cuffs on one or both ears.

When wearing multiple pairs of earrings, or ear jewelry, the goal is not to have one pair overwhelm the other. The pairs of earrings must blend together. This means keep them on the dainty side and trying to keep metals matching.

Thankfully, brands and designers have recognized this hot trend on the street and put earring sets together which offer a few pairs of studs, or a combination of studs and cuffs, which match each other and take the guesswork out of styling one’s own earring stack. Love that!

If you would like to wear a statement pair of earrings, or large earrings, then they must be worn in the first hole on your ear. Keep the earrings in the other holes as basic as possible; and as small as possible. Avoid pairing ear cuffs or crawlers with a larger pair of earrings.

I found a few fabulous pairs, and sets, of earrings around the web which are perfect for layering, stacking, and mixing together! I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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  • Erin

    It’s about time I can wear earrings i my doubles! I always loved my doubles and was sad when my boss made me take out my earrings in the 90’s. I wonder if I can try wearing them again in the office?

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