Can’t get enough of my . . . Gucci Princeton mules

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Wearing classic black Gucci Princeton Mules

I can’t get enough of my . . . Gucci Princeton Mules in classic black! When the Gucci Princeton Mules first started trending last year, I instantly fell in love. They offer classic, effortless styling with just a bit of understated glam. This is totally me!

My personal style is California Casual with a touch of glam. So when the Gucci mules started appearing everywhere, I knew I needed a pair. Although they have been designed in so many different colors and patterns; it was the classic black style which drew my eye. I knew I would wear them often; and I was right!

This pair of classic black, Gucci Princeton Mules has been in my closet for a year now. I have worn them throughout the year, in all four seasons. You can see in this post a sample of the outfits I have worn them with; and this is only what has been photographed!

This is a pair of shoes I reach for several times per week; and if my feet hurt from another pair of shoes, I slip into my Gucci mules mid-day for instant comfort. These really are a true pair of go-to shoes. They are comfortable, effortless, and easy to walk in. Last summer, I walked all over Chinatown with my family in these mules, and they were amazingly comfortable!

As an alternative to flats, I find myself reaching for my Gucci Princeton Mules so often that my classic black flats are collecting dust; no joke! I can’t remember the last time I wore any pair of flats other then my Gucci mules!

In the past, I have talked about investment dressing and owning closet staples which can last through anything. These Gucci Princeton Mules are a prime example of an investment piece every fashionista needs in her closet. They are truly classic, and a must-have! I would love to own another pair in a different color; or perhaps indulge in an embroidered pair!

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Do you have a pair of go-to shoes you find yourself reaching for every season?

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Slides for spring 2017

Pictured: black suede slides

Shoe trends for spring 2017 are crystal clear; slides, mules and Adidas sneakers. When the occasion calls for something dressier then sneakers, you will need slides for spring 2017, or a pair of mules for the season.

Slides and mules have been sneaking into fashion for the past three years. It is in the spring 2017 season that they have taken the streets by storm; leaving little room for any other shoe style!

Since shoes are being shown highly embellished, tied in bows, denim, printed with patterns or stripes, and in classic solid color styles for spring 2017, there is a style of slides or mules for every taste, occasion, and comfort level. Love that!

Pictured: beige suede slides

It does not matter if you like flats, heels, covered toes, open toes, leather, fabric, suede, or other, there is a style of slides, or mules, out there for you this spring season. There is no wrong slide or mule on the market! Anything goes, as long as your shoe is backless. Love!

Mules and slides were on the spring runways in New York for the spring and summer seasons. Not only were they on the catwalk, they made it to the streets quickly! It seems as though everyone has at least one pair of slides or mules this season. If you are wondering what to add to your closet for spring, I would recommend one pair of black mules, a light colored pair of slides, and a third pair in a fun print for spring. This will give you two basic options to wear with almost anything, and one fun pair for spicing up a neutral outfit or jeans with a tee.

spring 2017 shoe trends

These are my absolute favorite slides for spring 2017 and mules for the year. (mules will carry you into fall and winter!!). From top left: street style black slide (very NYFW) / Gucci Princeton (hot IT shoe-get it while it is in stock!) / embellished mule (great style for under $100!!) / striped slides (two trends in one!) / Gucci Marmont slides (hot IT shoe) / slides with tassels (these are so cute and under $110!-on my wish list!!) / multi-colored striped mules (three spring trends in one!!) / black mules (I have these in beige, pictured above, super comfortable-love!!) / black studded mules (so cute and under $175!!)

Slides for spring, and mules for the year, are such great shoe styles to invest in now. They are comfortable, and fun to wear. I am in love with all of the pairs pictured in the collage above; I wish I could fit them all in my closet!! Which pair is your favorite? Have you jumped on the slides for spring trend yet? Did you grab a pair of mules yet? Mules will carry you into fall; good long-term shoe shoe investment for the year!

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black gucci slides

Pictured: Gucci Princeton mules in black

Denim shoes for spring 2016

denim shoes for spring 2016

From top left: espadrilles / wedges / mules / pumps / floral heeled pumps / platforms

Denim shoes for spring 2016 are a huge trend! Denim on denim, and denim everything, is a trend we have been watching grow over the past few seasons. For the spring 2016 season, it has exploded! This is the season to wear denim on denim, denim handbags, and of course, denim shoes!

With the move towards athleisure, and casual dressing for the spring season, denim shoes are a great alternative to canvas, leather, and suede for the warm weather season. Denim has a casual vibe, which also translates into a “cool” factor. This makes denim shoes a fresh, and easy way to make a fashion statement this spring season. Love that!

I love how denim high heels look with casual clothing. They offer all the benefits of a high heel or pump, yet offer casual flair due to the denim fabric. I definitely need to get a pair this spring season!

Denim espadrilles, and slip-on sneakers are a great casual shoe for everyday this spring 2016 season. They look fabulous with shorts, jeans, midi skirts, mini skirts, and jumpers. I did indulge in a pair of denim espadrilles for spring! I cannot wait to wear them with my warm weather, casual outfits!

Denim on denim is a continuing trend from last year into this year. Denim shoes are a great way to rock the trend if you don’t like a chambray shirt paired with a denim skirt or pants. They give the denim on denim look, without wearing tonal denim. This is my preference. I am not big on wearing tonal denim outfits. I like denim shoes paired with one other denim piece. I feel like it is a fresher take on the trend.

What do you think of denim shoes for spring 2016? Is this a trend you plan to rock as we move into warmer weather? Or will you find another way to incorporate denim into your spring wardrobe? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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