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wearing: large hoop earrings / sunglasses / stripe crop top / green handbag / G buckle belt / vented classic jeans (under $100) / fall nail polish / high top sneakers /

Raise your hand if you wore acid wash jeans, stone wash, and sand wash jeans in the late 1980s? My hand is way up! These jeans evoke that late 1980s vibe, and I am here for it!

OK, I will be honest, I cannot tell if these jeans are acid wash or stone wash, or some other wash that is new. They look like either acid wash or stone wash. The description does not specify the wash. Of course, back in the day, it was very important for customers to know what type of wash they were buying, since it was an important part of denim fashion! Remember that?

In addition to 1980s denim washes, the silhouettes from that time period are hot again this season too. Look for classic cuts, and higher waists. Of course, 1970s styles are hot right now too such as wide leg and flare. I plan to rock both this season!

To make a full, 1980s vibe I paired my jeans with high top sneakers and a crop top. This is a very late 1980s look! If you plan to rock a crop top this season, remember to pair it with higher waisted jeans. Crop tops do not go with low rise jeans.

sushi san jose japantown

This was a fun outfit to wear the other day when we ate out in Japantown San Jose at Okayama Sushi. These sneakers were nice and comfy for walking around, and high tops, which were hot in the 1980s, are hot again now!

For a full 1980s vibe, I wore my green handbag for a fun pop of color. It is so much fun wearing fall outfits now!

Shop my fall 1980s vibe outfit online:

Which decade of influence for fall 2022 are you loving right now?

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Layered earrings for right now

layered stacked earrings for fall 2015

From top left: (on model) Stud set / Ear Cuff set / Leaf earring set /  Multi-Hoop studs / Pink ear crawlers

Layered earrings are back! Stacking multiple pairs of earrings, or a combination of studs, cuffs, and crawlers, was a huge trend in jewelry in the late 1980s through to the mid-1990s. When the ’90’s became a decade of influence in fashion a few years ago, the trend started to resurface; and now it is here with a bang.

Arguably the hottest street style trend of the moment, the stacked or layered earring trend is fun to follow. Haven’t we all been itching to use those extra holes in our ears from our middle school, high school, and college years?

Layered earrings is an easy to trend to adapt to. There are two ways to follow it. You can have multiple piercings in your ears, or you can pretend with one pair of stud earrings, and a combination of crawlers and cuffs on one or both ears.

When wearing multiple pairs of earrings, or ear jewelry, the goal is not to have one pair overwhelm the other. The pairs of earrings must blend together. This means keep them on the dainty side and trying to keep metals matching.

Thankfully, brands and designers have recognized this hot trend on the street and put earring sets together which offer a few pairs of studs, or a combination of studs and cuffs, which match each other and take the guesswork out of styling one’s own earring stack. Love that!

If you would like to wear a statement pair of earrings, or large earrings, then they must be worn in the first hole on your ear. Keep the earrings in the other holes as basic as possible; and as small as possible. Avoid pairing ear cuffs or crawlers with a larger pair of earrings.

I found a few fabulous pairs, and sets, of earrings around the web which are perfect for layering, stacking, and mixing together! I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Spring 2014 trends: crop tops

Crop tops came into fashion in 2013, and for spring 2014, the 1980’s style is back with a vengeance. Crop tops are everywhere for spring 2014 and being paired with skirts, shorts, skorts and pants in the same fabrication for a suit-like ensemble. In addition to being the top half of the “new suit,” crop tops are also being shown with workout clothing and as casual tee-shirts for a lazy weekend day.

There were fashion editors and insiders everywhere at New York Fashion Week sporting crop tops while attending the fashion shows for fall 2014. Despite the snow, these wearers of crop tops paired their spring 2014 “shirt of the season” with pants, skirts, tights and boots in an attempt to keep warm. The crop tops were often paired with a bottom made from the same fabric as the crop top. Matchy-matchy!

This is one trend from the 1980’s we have not seen make a resurgence in the last twenty-something years. Crop tops were hot for several years in the mid-1980’s to late-1980’s until the waistlines on denim began to sink below the waist and the hip hugger returned from the 1970’s. That was the death of the crop top.

We are starting to see waistlines on denim begin to rise, and as the waistline rises towards, gasp!, the waist, the crop top is gaining momentum as the new “it” shirt of the spring 2014 season; and most likely the summer 2014 season. This is one runway trend which is already a hit on the streets.

I found a few fabulous crop tops around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉