ReVive Sensitif Renewal Cream Daily Protection spf 30 review

pictured: Revive Sensitif Renewal Cream Daily Protection spf 30 / nail polish /

I cannot believe, in the fourteen years I have had this blog, I have not reviewed this face cream yet! In addition to the night cream and dark spot corrector, this is my gentle, daytime face cream. It is the best one for adding moisture when my skin is dry; which happens for me at the end of winter and well into the spring season.

A good, moisturizing face cream is imperative; especially if it includes both UVA and UVB protection. Plus, spf 30 is good perk too! The sun does so much damage to our skin, especially as us GenX-ers age! We need to protect what we have left!

ReVive has been in my beauty routine for over two decades now. I absolutely love their products and the Sensitif Renewal Cream is no exception. The daily renewal cream is great for adding moisture while protecting from the sun. Love!

I use their day cream in late winter through spring and early summer. Then, I switch to the dark spot corrector for late summer and the fall season. Love them both!

Here are my favorite products from ReVive:

*Please note: The packaging has changed for this day cream. The jar you receive may be labelled differently than the one I photographed. It is the same cream inside. The new jar says “Daily Cellular Protection” instead of “Daily Protection” and the detailed spf protection has been streamlined.

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