Spring 2023 beauty essentials

Spring 2023 beauty essentials from top left: neck cream / skin cream / eye cream / hand cream / concealer / foundation powder / eye pencil / Moroccan Oil / makeup bag / body cream /

The blossoms are popping up all over town; signaling spring has sprung! With the warmer temperatures we are starting to see, the increase in sunny days, and all these beautiful blossoms, it is time to start transitioning from winter skin care into spring beauty.

You might be tired of hearing me say this, but this neck cream is amazing. I have been using it since I was 28, and now that I am getting closer to that half century mark, my neck looks really good! I highly recommend investing in a good neck cream and continuing to use it everyday. Love!

You might be wondering why you aren’t seeing color products such as lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish in this post. These are just the basics; your beauty base for the spring season.

I love a good eye pencil, and this one from Laura Mercier has been my go-to for close to two decades. I am also in love with this concealer and foundation powder; also favorites of mine for close to two decades. Love!

Of course, you need the perfect way to store everything! I love this makeup bag. I use it everyday, and since it is also perfect for travel, it pops right into my carry-on suitcase. I can also pop it into my gym bag. Check out my full review here.

My hair gets dry in the winter from the heater, then again in the summer from the sun. Moroccan Oil is my saving grace. I recommend picking up a bottle for home, and also a travel size for when you are on the go. Love it!

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What is your favorite spring beauty go-to?

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Neutral and classic nails 2023

Neutral and classic nails 2023: Chanel nail polish / Dior nail polish /

The nail polish trends for 2023 include classic nails and neutral nail polish. If you love a chic and timeless look on your nails, this is your year! Designers are opting for neutral hues, shades of pink, and classic reds. You can go with a soft pink, avant-garde pink, red hot red, subdue red, and anything in between. It is up to you and your personal style! Love that!

My two favorite nail polish brands are obviously Dior and Chanel. They both are free of harmful chemicals and offer long lasting formulas, especially Dior!

If you aren’t into neutral and classic nail polish colors, you can always add a fun top coat. Both Chanel and Dior have been offering seasonal top coats which can elevate any nail polish hue you have in your wardrobe. I am in love with Dior’s Pearl top coat for spring. I have been wearing it non-stop!

What are your favorite neutral and classic nail polish colors? Do you prefer to wear them plain, or add some spice with a sparkling top coat?

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Nail polish trends 2023

Dior nail polish spring 2023 review

The Mitzah Collection

Dior nail polish spring 2023 from left: Dior Pink Leopard nail polish / Dior Leopardess nail polish / Dior Pearl top coat /

How pretty are the nail polish colors from Dior’s “The Mitzah Collection” for spring 2023?! This fun collection for the upcoming warm weather season features two vibrant hues and a soft top coat. Pink Leopard by Dior is a bright pink which is both spicy and light-hearted. Leopardess is a light burgundy which offers classic vibes and makes a great transitional color to wear now, in the winter season, and well into the spring season. If you like these colors, but want to soften them up, Dior has a limited edition top coat named Pearl which adds a softening coat of clear white and subtle sparkle. It is very pretty!

I tested out both colors with one base coat, two coats of nail polish, and with the Pearl top coat. You can wear these colors with, or without, the top coat; depending on the look you want to wear this spring season. Love that!

So, without further ado, here are the nail polish colors for spring 2023 from Dior.

Dior nail polish spring 2023 | Dior Leopardess

dior leopardess nail polish spring 2023

Dior Leopardess nail polish is a classic, dark red nail polish which borders on a light burgundy. This chic hue is perfect for daily wear and can easily be worn in the office. As we move into the winter season, it is a fabulous color to wear now in order to add a little bit of spring to our personal style when the skies are grey. If you are looking for a nail polish hue you can wear day into evening, and works in a professional setting, this is your spring 2023 nail color!

Dior nail polish spring 2023 | Dior Pink Leopard

Pink is always pretty! Pink Leopard nail polish is a bright pink hue which adds some fun to the spring season. If you want a playful shade for the spring season, Pink Leopard is your nail polish in 2023. I love this color to brighten up the day and some warmth to my overall look. I plan on wearing this color most of the time in the spring season! Love!

Dior nail polish spring 2023 | Dior Pearl top coat

dior nail polish spring 2023 pearl top coat mitzah limited edition

If you want to add sparkle, or soften up your nail color, Pearl is the perfect top coat. At first glance, Pearl appears to be a stand-alone nail polish, but it is actually a top coat. When it first glides on over your nail color, it looks like it is adding a white coat to the polish, but as soon as it dries, it is a clear coat with a soft, sparkling sheen. This is a great way to liven up Leopardess or soften the bright tone of Pink Leopard. You can also try it on other nail polish colors you may have at home, in case Leopardess or Pink Leopard are not calling your name.

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What do you think of the Dior spring 2023 nail polish collection? There are also two additional nail polish colors for spring, which are not part of the official collection: Ribbon and Opulent Pink. Ribbon is a soft pink, very classic for spring, and Opulent Pink is a bright, avant-garde pink. If you like pink, you might love these two colors too! They are featured in the shopping widget above.

Which color is your favorite?

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