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Summer travel beauty bag

summer travel beauty bag skin care kit tsa approved

Summer travel beauty bag from top left: (all tsa approved) / makeup bag / facial cleanser / hair care set / body cream / hand cream / travel brush set / skin care set / sunscreen set /

The summer season is upon us, this means travel plans are underway! One of the big things to keep stocked and ready to go is a tsa approved beauty bag. You don’t want to be caught needing beauty products in travel sizes the day you are packing for a big trip!

I keep my travel beauty bag ready for air travel at all times. As soon as something runs out, I replace it so my beauty bag is ready for my next plane trip. If you are traveling by car you may not need tsa approved travel bottles, but the plus side is that they take up less space in your luggage! Love that!

This beauty bag is the perfect size for storing all of your tsa approved, under 3.4 oz bottles. You can see my full review here. It has a place for brushes, and a few handy pockets which can keep your little travel bottles organized.

I don’t travel with liquid perfume, so scented body cream is my travel fragrance. It also doubles as a way to wear fragrance as well as moisturize your skin after a drying plane ride, and over-airconditioned hotel room. Scented body cream is a must-have in my book! This tsa approved bottle is perfect for a vacation.

Skin care is important while traveling since the change in climate from your hometown can wreak havoc on your skin. I love ReVive skin care products since they always keep my skin even and in check. I highly recommend their travel kit pictured above!

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Also, don’t forget to throw a good, old-fashioned Chapstick in your beauty bag. You will be thankful you have it on your trip; especially if you travel by plane!

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Summer skin care routine 2024

summer skin care routine 50 year old

Summer skin care routine from top left: eye cream / neck cream / day cream / face wash / facial mist / night neck cream / body cream / night face cream /

Although it is technically still spring, the weather has been hot and moderately humid. This means I have switched to my summer skin care routine.

As a mid-life, GenX women, my skin has multiple issues. This includes fine lines, acne (yes-at my age! Ugh!), and in the summer- sun exposure. ReVive is a huge favorite of mine, and their daytime products have SPF built in. Love that! So, unless I go swimming and forget my sunscreen, I am fully protected through my skin care products.

I always wear body cream to help keep my arms and legs from wrinkling like a prune. When I wear body cream, I love a slight scent. Laura Mercier is one of my favorite body creams, which I started buying in the 1990s. This summer I am in an Almond Coconut mood. It is the perfect summer scent! Love!

My daughter is a huge beauty product fan, and she introduced me to this facial mist. It is so refreshing on warmer days and made for the face; this means no clogged pores or greasy residue. Love it!

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That’s it! My skin care routine for summer 2024 is not too different from last season, or last year. I am loyal to products which work. If you are looking for summer skin care products, I hope you find these products as amazing as I do!

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Summer fragrances 2023

summer fragrances

Summer fragrances from top left: Jo Malone “Mallow on the Moor” (floral) / diptyque “Ilio edt” (floral) / Laura Mercier “Ambre Vanilla” (warm gourmand) / diptyque “Citronnelle Geranium” (fruity floral-citrus & bug spray) / Chanel no. 5 / Lavanila “Vanilla Coconut” light gourmand) /

Summer is here, which means warmer weather and a new fragrance to enjoy. Love that!

When temperature soar, it is a good idea to lighten up your perfume. If you wear something heavy, it may not, shall we say, perspire well? Yes, we will put it that way.

The summer months are a great time to explore floral fragrances, vanilla scents, and of course, coconut! There is something about coconut and vanilla together which evokes a summer vibe. Love that! My favorite summer fragrance is this Vanilla Coconut scent from Lavanila. I love the vacation vibes it gives out.

Plagued by bugs when it heats up? Me too! I am dying to try this new, limited-edition scent from diptyque which promises to be a fruity floral and a citronella candle on your skin. I’m in! I am purchasing it and will give you a review soon! So, stay tuned. . .

Of course, classic Chanel no. 5 is always appropriate and anything fun and fruity works perfectly in the heat. What are some of your favorite summer scents?

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