KUSSHI Signature makeup bag plus organizer review

kusshi makeup bag plus organizer review

Pictured: KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag plus organizer in black with teal interior (coupon code Cathy10) /

How cute is this makeup bag! Now that life is going back to normal post-pandemic, we are all wearing makeup again, traveling, and needing to ensure our lives are organized. One of the big things that helps keep things organized is a fabulous makeup bag!

When we were walking around in masks, I didn’t need to wear anything other than nail polish and eye liner. After all, no-one could see my face! Now that we have shed masks in most situations, I am back to wearing blush, foundation powder and lipstick. My old makeup bag was in need of replacement, so when KUSSHI reached out about their covering their makeup bag, I jumped at the chance!

KUSSHI has so many makeup bag and storage options on their website, it makes it hard to pick just one item! I kept things simple and went with their classic Signature makeup bag plus organizer. This makeup bag is more than perfect for my small makeup collection. Looking back, I could have gone with their smaller Everyday bag size, but having the larger bag is good for travel. When I travel, I can add my face cream, eye cream, neck cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, and sunscreen to the bag with some room to spare. It’s a great size!

In addition to being roomy inside, there is also a zipper pocket, which I plan to use for bandaids and spare earrings when I travel. The organizer snaps right in, keeping my brushes clean and organized. This is a great bag to use every day, as well as for travel. You will see me use it later this fall season for a couple of trips! Love that!

As you can see, my everyday makeup consists of eyeliner, an eye shadow quad, foundation powder, lipstick, and blush. I have two brushes, one for my blush and one for my foundation powder. I keep things fairly simple. This leaves plenty of room in my makeup bag for adding skin care when I travel. Love!

The KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag plus organizer is made from a strong yet soft-to-the-touch satin. The satin is easy to clean with a wet cloth if makeup accidently gets on the fabric. There are two pockets inside plus a zipper pocket. These pockets are ideal for smaller items such as lipstick. The organizer snaps right in, keeping my eyeline and brushes easy to find, clean, and organized. In addition, there are two exterior zippers which make getting in and out of the bag easy. Love that!

I chose the black exterior with teal interior, but there are several other color choices to fit your taste. Definitely check out the KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag on their website to see all the beautiful color combos! Also, check out all of the other sizes and products for makeup storage. You will love it!

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