National Nail Polish Day 2024

national nail polish day 2024

Pictured from top left: Chanel nail polish / Hermes blue nail polish / Hermes nail polish / Chanel pale blue nail polish /

Happy National Nail Polish Day! What a fabulous day! As you know, I love nail polish. It is so much fun to be able to change your nail color at home on a whim. Plus, it is less expensive to paint your nails at home than going to the nail salon. Of course, you can always buy a favorite color and have a professional apply it, but I find it relaxing to do my own nails while watching something fun on television or enjoying time with my family.

So, with that being said, let’s celebrate nail polish! Yay! As I type this, I am currently wearing Hermes Bleu Electronique nail polish from their spring/summer 2024 collection. It is such a happy blue hue. Love! What color are you wearing right now?

Shop my favorite nail polish colors of the moment online:

Which nail polish colors are you loving right now? I am in a shades of blue, purple, and green mood.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy National Nail Polish Day!