What to wear on an airplane

how to dress on an airplanewhat to wear on an airplanecomfortable travel clothing

wearing: silver hoop earrings / lipstick / black jersey jacket c/o SOMA / blue stripe tee c/o SOMA / black and white infinity scarf c/o SOMA / black crop leggings c/o SOMA / black satchel / silver nail polish /

Have you ever wondered what to wear on an airplane? Maybe you travel a lot and are looking for something new and comfortable for your next flight. Or perhaps you haven’t traveled recently and need to replace your Pan-Am bag and blue suit? Well, I have found the most comfortable clothing for flying! It’s SOMA Intimates new Style Essentials collection!

Long flights sometimes drive me a little bit crazy because I am trapped in a tube, who knows how high above the ground, for five to six hours. It is really boring. I can’t go for a run, I can’t jump and down, and I feel stuck in my seat. Since I am stuck in a seat, which isn’t exactly comfortable, I always need to make sure my airplane attire is as comfortable as possible. Thank goodness for SOMA Intimates Style Essentials collection!

The SOMA Intimates Style Essentials clothing is extremely soft. Their clothing is so soft and comfortable, sometimes I forget I am in street clothes and not wearing pajamas! haha

I love these cropped leggings for travel. They are really soft and easy to wear. They allow me to get as comfortable as possible in my airplane seat; and that’s quite a feat! This blue tunic tee is super soft and comfy, it’s great for being comfy at home, travel, or anytime you want to wear something which is no-fuss. You may recognize this black jacket, it’s my current go-to cover up. This jersey jacket is really soft and the perfect weight for fall weather. It’s great on foggy days and perfect for air travel. Love!

You can find more comfy air travel options from SOMA Intimates online at

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*special thank you to SOMA Intimates for sponsoring this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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35 Years Bold Chico’s trip day two

Welcome to my Chico’s trip recap day two! If you missed day one, you can read all about it here.

The second day of the Chico’s 35 Years Bold trip was jam-packed with activities. We started our day out at Chico’s headquarters. Their headquarter’s is so dreamy! It’s Florida, so they had a beautiful pond near the gate to their campus, and the buildings were designed in nostalgic brick. It looked like a pretty place to work!

Chico’s gave us a tour of their campus, and filled us in on the history of the founders, and the company. There are beautiful antiques and a beachy vibe when you walk into the reception area of the building. There is nothing cold and corporate-like about it! What a fun place to work!

Our tour included backstage access to their entire design process from start to finish. You can see an artist designing a new print for a future collection, which I am not allowed to name, in one of the above photos. It is incredible to know that Chico’s prints are all hand-painted, in-house, by real artists!!

After getting a sneak peek at several future collections, forecasting mood boards, the fit process, and a couple of top secret collections, we were treated to a catered brunch. The brunch was delicious, and when we were done, we chatted with Chico’s executives about everything from marketing to design to shopping. It was so much fun to give feedback and share ideas with Chico’s decision makers!

Brunch eventually came to an end, and Chico’s brought us out to Sanibel Island where the very first Chico’s store is located. It was incredible to see the first store in it’s original location, complete with original fixtures and antiques. The store was incredible; and two stories!

So, what happens when eleven bloggers are armed with gift cards in a Chico’s? Well, a whole lotta shopping, that’s what! I came home with a black and white dress, and two belts. My new dress will make an appearance on the blog in the near future-so stay tuned!

Outfit I wore to Chico’s headquarter’s and shopping:

After shopping, we enjoyed a yummy lunch and then headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up before dinner.

We started the evening off with a beautiful dinner inside the hotel’s ballroom. I found Tonya from The Real Chic Life had chosen the same dress as me for the evening. She looked fabulous! I love how she paired it with this necklace. The beads in her necklace really captured the colors in the print and looked amazing. Hmmmm, ideas for next time I wear it!

It was really fun twinning with her, after all, great minds think alike; amiright?! This dress is amazing, and it’s part of Chico’s pre-fall collection, so I plan on styling it differently as we move into the fall season. I am going to wear it with western style boots at fashion week in September. It’ll be a fun look!

Outfit I wore to dinner and the sunset cruise:

After dinner, we all walked across the street for a beautiful, ninety-minute cruise around Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island. The cruise was so pretty, I sat on the top level of the boat the entire time drinking in the beauty of the area. The sunset was incredible, and there were dolphins swimming along with our boat!! That was SO COOL!

One of the big takeaways from the trip was that we should always be living our best and boldest life. Chico’s is all about being bold, and enjoying life. When I was in my 20’s I always wore professional black ensembles and went for a conservative look. The older I get, the more I realize life is too short to follow fashion rules and blend into the background. It is time to shine; and be bold! So let’s raise a glass and cheers Chico’s on 35 years of living bold!

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Things to do in Seattle with kids

things to do in seattle with kid

Planning a vacation to Seattle, and wondering about things to do in Seattle with kids? Well, look no further! My family and I recently traveled to Seattle and found a few fabulous things to do in Seattle with kids which are sure to be a hit with your family too!

Seattle is a really fun city filled with history, a chill vibe, and a family-friendly atmosphere. We found the activities, and the people, to be friendly and welcoming. This is a great trip to plan as a family! Without further ado, here are the activities my kids loved; and us adults enjoyed too!

Things to do in Seattle with Kids: Argosy Cruises

things to do in seattle with kids

We took a 1 hour cruise with Argosy Cruise Line. They have several types of cruises available, at varying time lengths. We found the one hour cruise to be perfect with kids. Anything longer, and they may have grown restless. The kids enjoyed being on a boat and taking a tour; but they did get tired, so one hour was perfect. You can get advance tickets here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Chihuly Garden and Glass

things to do in seattle with kid things to do in seattle with kid

My middle child is very artistic, and really wanted to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I was a little bit concerned that my other two children would find it boring, but I was wrong! All three of my kids thought the glass sculptures were really cool, and they enjoyed seeing both the indoor and outdoor portions of the exhibit.

There is a cafe attached to Chihuly, but understand it is on the pricey side; although the food is good. If you are looking for more affordable food, there is a food court across from the cafe, and there are also a handful of food carts. You can find advance tickets for Chihuly Garden and Glass online here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Museum of Pop Culture

things to do in seattle with kidthings to do in seattle with kid

My kids don’t normally enjoy museums, so I was a little bit concerned when we purchased five tickets to the Museum of Pop Culture. I was pleasantly pleased to find they had a special exhibit for Marvel, which we eagerly purchased the extra tickets for. My kids loved the Marvel exhibit, as well as the other exhibits in the museum. Above you will see a smashed guitar from a Nirvana performance, and Jimmi Hendrix’s carry-on bag. There was something for the whole family at the Museum of Pop Culture-loved it! You can find advance tickets online here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Klondike Gold Rush Museum

things to do in seattle with kid

The Klondike Gold Rush Museum in Seattle is both educational and fun! Plus, it’s free because it is run by the National park Service. Love that!

Being from California, my kids already know about the gold rush, so it was fun for them to learn a little more then what they learned in school. They enjoyed seeing the exhibits and also watching a movie onsite about Seattle’s part in the Klondike gold rush. This is a must-see when visiting Seattle with kids. It’s great to see your children learn history, and have fun while doing it. Plus, it’s free! Yay! You can learn more online here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Seattle Great Wheel

things to do in seattle with kid

The Seattle Great Wheel is a lot of fun. It goes around roughly three times, and you can see a beautiful view of Seattle from the top. It is a bit pricey for what you get; so if it doesn’t fit your budget, it’s something you can skip. On the pier, there is also a carousel and a few boardwalk-style games which are great for keeping the kids busy. You can learn more about the Great Wheel online here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Bill Speidel’s Undergound Tour

things to do in seattle with kid

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour was so much fun! My kids loved learning about Seattle history and going underneath the sidewalks to explore Seattle’s past and present. Our tour guide was entertaining and kept our kids interested. They learned a lot about the local history and had fun while doing it! It’s the first thing they tell their friends about when talking about their trip to Seattle. This is a must-see!

With kids, I recommend going in the morning and getting in one of the first tours of the day. There will be less people in the group and you can see everything without sorting through a large group. It’s easier to be in a small group with kids too. This was our favorite activity during our trip. Be sure to check it out, it’s worth every dime! You can learn more online here.

Things to do in Seattle with Kids:

Seattle Space Needle

things to do in seattle with kid

The Seattle Space Needle is an iconic monument to see while in Seattle. You can see all of Seattle from the top, and my kids thought it was really cool. If you have small children, keep in mind that the lines are long, so try to go when they open in the morning. Also, it can be pricey, so using the Seattle City Pass might be a good idea. You can find one online here.

Seattle also has a zoo, and a Museum of Flight. We missed those attractions on our trip, but I have heard they are good too.

The Seattle City Pass is a great, money saving option if you plan to see multiple locations on this list. You can learn more about it online here.

These were our favorite things to do in Seattle with kids during our recent trip. Check out our favorite, family-friendly restaurants here. If you have family-friendly recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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