Summer travel beauty bag

summer travel beauty bag skin care kit tsa approved

Summer travel beauty bag from top left: (all tsa approved) / makeup bag / facial cleanser / hair care set / body cream / hand cream / travel brush set / skin care set / sunscreen set /

The summer season is upon us, this means travel plans are underway! One of the big things to keep stocked and ready to go is a tsa approved beauty bag. You don’t want to be caught needing beauty products in travel sizes the day you are packing for a big trip!

I keep my travel beauty bag ready for air travel at all times. As soon as something runs out, I replace it so my beauty bag is ready for my next plane trip. If you are traveling by car you may not need tsa approved travel bottles, but the plus side is that they take up less space in your luggage! Love that!

This beauty bag is the perfect size for storing all of your tsa approved, under 3.4 oz bottles. You can see my full review here. It has a place for brushes, and a few handy pockets which can keep your little travel bottles organized.

I don’t travel with liquid perfume, so scented body cream is my travel fragrance. It also doubles as a way to wear fragrance as well as moisturize your skin after a drying plane ride, and over-airconditioned hotel room. Scented body cream is a must-have in my book! This tsa approved bottle is perfect for a vacation.

Skin care is important while traveling since the change in climate from your hometown can wreak havoc on your skin. I love ReVive skin care products since they always keep my skin even and in check. I highly recommend their travel kit pictured above!

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Also, don’t forget to throw a good, old-fashioned Chapstick in your beauty bag. You will be thankful you have it on your trip; especially if you travel by plane!

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Walk along the waterfront in NYC

wearing: statement earrings / black top / black belt / flare jeans / spring nail polish / yellow pouch / sneakers /

How pretty is this view of New York? Although quite windy, we found a clear and mild day to walk along the waterfront in New York City and enjoy the view.

The waterfront was vibrant with people playing tennis, jogging, socializing, and relaxing. It was our last day in New York, and it turned out to be the perfect activity to wrap up our trip. Nothing beats a relaxing walk by the water with decent weather and a fabulous view.

When you visit New York, or any big city, it is nice to take some time to slow down, walk around, and take in the sights. It really is a nice way to drink in the beauty of the city you are visiting.

Well, not too much to say, I think the photos show how pretty the walk was! Enjoy!

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New York City Fire Museum

wearing: statement earrings / black top / flare jeans / spring nail polish / black belt / yellow pouch / sneakers /

The official museum for the New York Fire Department is a cute little museum tucked away in SOHO and jam packed with firefighting history. I am so happy we found this museum!

The museum is a multi-story historical time capsule filled with everything from historical events dating back to the beginning of our country, to artifacts spanning centuries of firefighting in New York. There is even a room dedicated to 9-11, which brought tears to my eyes.

In addition to artifacts, there are educational timelines and videos which show events from colonial times as well as more modern catastrophes. We really enjoyed walking through the different floors and exhibits as well as sitting down and watching videos which detailed historical events.

One of the displays which really caught my eyes were these fire grenades. Some of them are made from beautiful glass and they look like fancy perfume bottles! I am stunned that they made such pretty glass bottles which are meant to be thrown into a fire and break in order to help extinguish flames. I feel like if one of these was in my home in the 1800’s I would be half asleep one day and accidently dab it on my skin thinking it was my perfume. haha

The New York City Fire Museum is located at 278 Spring Street in New York, and it is something you should definitely add to your itinerary next time you visit the big apple. There is also a section for kids, so this is an activity the whole family can enjoy. We really enjoyed it!

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