national nail polish day

National Nail Polish Day 2023

National Nail Polish Day 2023 from top left: Dior Solar Bronze / Chanel Immortelle / Chanel Muse / Gucci Dorothy Turquoise /

Happy National Nail Polish Day! Today we celebrate all the fabulous nail polish hues we have grown to love. I am featuring my favorite nail polish colors for the spring/summer 2023 season, but you can celebrate with any color you want today!

Take some time to yourself today and apply a fresh coat of nail polish. Will you go neutral? Will you go avant-garde? Will you go metallic? What is your nail polish mood today?

Enjoy the day!



National Nail Polish Day 2022

national nail polish day

Nail polishes shown from top left: Dior Golden Hour / Chanel Evanescence / Chanel Riviera / Dior Bayadere /

Happy National Nail Polish Day 2022! This is such a fabulous day because we get to celebrate nail polish! As you know, I absolutely love nail polish. It’s a fun way to update your wardrobe for a low cost, and it is easy to change the color of your nail polish any day you want. Love that!

Shown above, are some of my favorite colors from the spring 2022 and summer 2022 nail polish collection. As you know, I am a huge fan of Dior and Chanel nail polish. So of course, those are the brands I am featuring! I love all the fun colors we have to choose from right now. As I type this, I am wearing Dior Riviera from the Dior summer 2022 nail polish collection. Love!

Shop spring and summer 2022 nail polish online:

I hope you are rocking your favorite nail polish today! If not, relax and go do your nails! Love!

Thanks for stopping by!


National Nail Polish Day 2021

Summer 2021 nail polish colors from top left: Chanel Solar / Dior Hasard / Chanel Golden Sand / Dior Dune / Chanel Glimmer / Dior Mirage / Chanel Sunlight / Dior Desert Nights /

Happy National Nail Polish Day 2021! Don’t you just love a day dedicated to celebrating nail polish? It’s fabulous!

In honor of this great day, I wanted to highlight the Dior and Chanel summer nail polish collections. They are both quite different, with opposite vibes, yet both are relevant, and downright beautiful. Love!

The Chanel summer 2021 nail polish collection offers a calming, desert sand vibe which is filled with neutral hues that sparkle. I love a good sparkle. Dior, on the other hand, went with vibrant hues that pop and say “wow!” This is fabulous because if we want something powerful we can go with one of Dior’s summer colors. If we are in more of a mellow, neutral mood, Chanel has the hue for us! We are covered! Love!

What color are you wearing on your nails this fine, National Nail Polish Day? I am currently rocking Chanel Solar on my hands, and Chanel Glimmer on my toes.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy National Nail Polish Day 2021!