BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: saddle bag / Chanel summer nail polish / Dior summer nail polish / navy top / large hoop earrings (under $100) / silver bracelet / green handbag / mini tote bag / black handbag / straw tote / ivory moon shaped bag /

I am starting to feel like this is the year of the handbag! Instead of a distinct IT bag, which we have moved away from in the past couple of years, we have an IT style; the anonymous handbag. Beautiful, investment handbags are flying off of store shelves. When you look around on the street to see what everyone is carrying, there is an array of beautiful, well-made, investment handbags in small and medium sizes. I love the variation of bags we are seeing right now! Personal style is at its peak! Love that!

This black handbag is simple and chic, yet offers an unique style that garners compliments every-time I wear it. Don’t you love it when random strangers compliment your bag? I know I do! This is why I tell people when I love their bags, and this black bag attracts those random compliments. If you are looking for an anonymous bag which offers some punch, this is it!

Summer nail polish is hot right now! Be sure to check out the Dior summer collection, and the Chanel summer collection. Love!

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What are you loving right now as we head into the summer season?

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