Academy of Art University Graduation Fashion Show 2023

academy of art fashion show 2023

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, held their graduation fashion show on May 11, 2023. I was invited to attend, but unfortunately my schedule wouldn’t allow me to go up to the city. Thankfully the show was also live streamed on YouTube, so I was able to enjoy all the beautiful designs shown by their new graduates.

Since I wasn’t able to attend in person, my photos are horrible. I apologize profusely for posting screenshots of the show! You can watch the entire show on YouTube here.

I was really impressed with the combination of artistic vision and down to earth, wearable designs presented by the graduates. I saw so many styles on the runway which were street worthy! Love that!

Please carve out some time to watch the show in its entirety. You will not be disappointed! You can learn more about the Academy of Art University fashion school online at

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