Top 5 Summer 2023 Trends

Top 5 summer trends from top left: green woven handbag / Chanel summer nail polish / Dior summer nail polish / small straw tote / silver bracelet / black square toe sandal / large hoop earrings / light green tote /

The summer season is here, and there are a few style trends which have hit the streets and are easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. If you were already following many of these in the spring season, then converting to summer will be easy peasy! Love that!

There is one trend from spring which is sunsetting in the summer season, and that is the “Interesting Shoulders” trend. It looks like the puff sleeve is slowing down. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear it, but don’t invest in any more clothing with puff sleeves. The trend is slowing down and might fade away as we head into 2024.

Other than that! Here are the top 5 street style trends for the summer 2023 season!

The Square Toe: Square toes are back, and our toes are thanking all of the shoe designers who decided to square off the top of their shoe designs. No more squished toes! Love!

The Anonymous Handbag: This trend is going strong. Keep wearing handbags which offers small logos or are logo-free. It’s all about showing off the beautiful materials your handbags are made from. Look for supple leather, interesting fabrications, and timeless designs. This is the season to invest in a beautiful handbag which will transcend time.

Fun nail polish colors: While nails were neutral in the winter and spring, they are coming out of their shell for the summer season. Look for vibrant pastels, metallic hues, and fun colors for the summer season.

Investment Jewelry: Classic investment jewelry is hot for the summer season. Jewelry which is loud, bears logos, or looks obviously trendy is out. Look for timeless pieces you can wear now and forever.

Green: While the color of 2023 may be magenta, the color of summer, and the hottest color on the street in 2023 is most definitely green. The fun part about this color trend is that you wear any shade of green you like. Love that! Find a green hue you love and rock it for the rest of the year and into 2024. Green isn’t going anywhere. Love!

There you have it! The five hottest street style trends for the summer of 2023. Incorporate these trends into your wardrobe and you will make the sidewalk your runway. Love that!

Which trend is your favorite?

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