Dior nail polish summer 2023 review

dior nail polish summer 2023 review

Dior nail polish summer 2023 from left: Dior Jasmin / Dior Rivage / Dior Solar Bronze / Dior Eden-Roc /

The Dior summer 2023 nail polish collection is here! Love! This fabulous nail polish collection is filled with four beautiful colors which are perfect for the summer season. Bring on the warm weather!

Dior is giving us a little bit of everything this summer season. There is a bold white polish, a dessert bronze, a campy dark, sparkling blue, and a classic summer orange creamsicle hue. There is a color for everyone in this nail polish collection for summer.

So, without further ado, here are what the Dior nail polish colors for summer 2023 look like, and how they go on your nails.

Dior nail polish summer 2023 | Dior Jasmin

dior jasmin nail polish summer 2023

White nail polish is always hard. Every time a designer or brand introduces a white nail polish into their collection, I want to love it. There is something easy and breezy about white nail polish in the warm summer months. Unfortunately, there is not a perfect white polish on the market. I have to say, this one from Dior is better than most, but it will still be somewhat streaky after two coats. If I had gone for a third coat, I may have found perfection, but I wasn’t that ambitious.

I think Dior Jasmin will look fabulous on toes this summer since it is a neutral hue which will work with any color of footwear. On the hands, white nail polish is more visible, so if there are any streaks, people will see them. If you want white polish, this is a good one to get. It is the least streaky of the ones on the market right now.

Dior nail polish summer 2023 | Dior Rivage

dior rivage nail polish summer 2023

How pretty is this color! Love! Dior Rivage is a fabulous orange creamsicle hue which is perfect for the summer months. It can be worn right now in the spring season too. This is a cream polish which goes on perfectly in two coats. I look forward to wearing Dior Rivage this summer when temperatures warm up a bit more.

Dior nail polish summer 2023 | Dior Solar Bronze

dior solar bronze nail polish summer 2023

I am a sucker for a good metallic nail polish, and Dior Solar Bronze nail polish does not disappoint! This hue evokes a feeling of being on the beach when the weather is perfect or walking along dessert sands; pick your vibe. It is the perfect twist to a neutral for the summer months. I am wearing it right now as I type this. Solar Bronze by Dior goes on easily in two coats, with one base coat. Love that!

Dior nail polish summer 2023 | Dior Eden-Roc

dior eden-roc nail polish summer 2023 review

Blue nail polish is always my weakness, and Dior hit a home run this summer 2023 season. Dior Edon-Roc is a dark blue metallic nail polish which glides on smoothly in two coats, with one base coat. I am in love with this color! Edon-Roc will definitely be on my rotation this summer. It is such a beautiful hue! Love!

Well, I guess you can tell I am in love with the Dior summer 2023 nail polish collection. It really has a color for everyone. I will have a hard time deciding which color to use every time I want to paint my nails! That is a good problem to have in the scheme of things.

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What do you think of the new summer 2023 nail polish colors from Dior? Do you have a favorite, or are you loving it all, just like me?

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