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The anonymous handbag from top left: green woven handbag / ivory moon shaped bag (under $500) / M frame shoulder bag / black shoulder bag /

The anonymous handbag is the ultimate IT bag right now; and as I am sure you have heard, logos everywhere are over. As we move away from loud logos on everything from handbags to belts to clothing, our personal style is shifting to a more understated and chic aesthetic; and I am here for it!

Quiet luxury is a term you will often hear, and it stands for beautiful items with top craftsmanship. Your handbag this year should speak volumes about your attention for detail and love for investment dressing. While a kitschy bag shaped like a firefly is a fun conversation starter, it will perfectly acceptable as long as the designer or brand isn’t plastered all over it. So, the moral of the story is, wear a neon handbag, as long as the logo isn’t blasting in your face. You can also wear a fun shape, asymmetrical and artistic bag, as long as the logo isn’t shouting at the world. Logos are bad, while classic, bright, and kitschy are good.

There are certain traits of popular designers you won’t be able to get away from, such as Bottega Veneta’s trademark weave, or Mansur Gavriel’s M Frame, or Louis Vuitton’s iconic Alma in a fabrication other than monogram vernis. It is OK to wear a bag which can be easily guessed, but only those who know will be able to guess. The brand or designer will not be readily displayed for the masses to have how much you spent shoved in their faces. This is the anonymous handbag.

I have never really been a big logo fan, except for belt buckles, so I have a belt to replace! haha When it comes to handbags, I prefer the anonymous handbag since I love high quality craftsmanship and beautiful styles. Since I have two daughters, I think of my handbags as something I can hand down to them when they are older. This is why I gravitate towards classic styles which will swing in and out of style, or will remain important 365 days per year, every year, forever.

Here are a few of my favorite anonymous handbags from around the web:

What is your favorite version of the anonymous handbag?

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