Coach Day Tote review

coach day tote review

Pictured: Coach Day Tote in Silver/Faded Blue (looks like pale turquoise or mint green in person) /

How pretty is this tote bag! I love having a good, workhorse tote bag; especially during the summer months. This roomy tote bag has everything I need, and possibly you too, in a tote bag. Love!

The Coach Day Tote is currently available in several colors, ivory, mustard, canvas, black and faded blue. I love this faded blue color because it is reminiscent of the sea and is so pretty in person. These photos do not do the color justice!

As with all of Coach’s handbags, the Day Tote is made from sturdy pebbled leather and the craftsmanship is high quality. This means the stitching is strong, and the bag can handle everything you put inside of it without being compromised. I have also found that the leather is easy to clean if it gets dirty. I use a slightly damp cloth, and dirt wipes off easily without damaging the leather or rubbing the color off of the bag.

Most open tote bags do not have a clasp, the Coach Day Tote offers a magnetic clasp which I find to be a good feature. I clasp it when I set the bag down so it keeps it’s shape, which helps it from flopping over if the contents are unbalanced. Who knew a small clasp would be so helpful! Love!

coach day tote clasp

Typically, most tote bags have an interior pocket of some sort. The Coach Day Tote has a detachable pocket which is really a little pouch. This is handy if you use the tote for work. You can keep your lunch money in the pouch and detach it when going to lunch or buying more coffee. This is also handy for travel if you don’t want to bring a purse in addition to the tote bag. You can use the little pouch as a small clutch.

coach day tote interior

The interior capacity of the Coach Day Tote is quite large. Even with my typical tote bag contents, there is still plenty of room. This tote fits my laptop too with plenty of room to spare. It is a great work tote, travel tote, or summer activity tote. I am in love!

For smaller items such as lipstick and keys, the interior pouch can be used. For photography purposes I threw everything inside the bag so you could see the space. If you use a tote organizer, it will fit nicely inside the Day Tote too.

what fits inside a coach day tote
inside coach day tote

Pictured: Coach Day Tote / book / lipstick / scarf / (golden nail polish pictured in clasp photo) /

The Coach Day Tote is a great, workhorse tote bag which can be used for years. It offers a classic style and silhouette as well as roomy interior capacity. The detachable pouch a great feature too. I love the faded blue hue for the summer season, but if you are looking for something to wear all year long, the classic black, ivory, or signature canvas might be perfect for you.

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The perfect tote! Love it!

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