Dior nail polish fall 2023

dior nail polish fall 2023 review

Dior nail polish fall 2023 from left: Dior Rouge Atelier 746 / Dior Osee 415 /

The Dior fall 2023 nail polish collection is here! Love! For the fall 2023 season, Dior has re-formulated their nail polish collection and introduced two new hues for the autumn season. The only difference I have spotted with the new formula so far, is that the polish is easier to remove with nail polish remover. Otherwise, it seems to have the same staying power and fabulous color saturation we love from Dior.

For fall 2023, Dior introduced a curated nail polish collection with one fashion-forward neutral and one whimsical yet understated shade. Love that!

Whether you are looking for a color which stans out, or one that blends in, Dior has a color for you this fall 2023 season. I love both of these colors. So, without further ado, here are the hues for fall 2023 from Dior nail polish.

Dior nail polish fall 2023 | Dior Rouge Atelier

dior rouge atelier nail polish fall 2023

Well, obviously Dior Rouge Atelier nail polish is my favorite fall 2023 nail polish color. This is a reddish-brown hue with sparkles. I love sparkles! You can see the golden sparkles in the photo, which shows they are good and sparkly! haha

Rouge Atelier by Dior is perfect for the fall season as it acts like a neutral and plays well with the upcoming autumn color palette in fashion. This nail polish color will blend in perfectly with fall neutrals, as well as shades of green, red, berry, and blue. I am in love! If you work in a conservative office environment, you should be able to pull this color off since it acts like a neutral. Love!

Dior nail polish fall 2023 | Dior Osee

dior osee nail polish fall 2023

Dior Osee nail polish will be the perfect travel nail polish for fall 2023 season. It is quite light, so it won’t show chips if you are traveling, or working with your hands a lot. In addition, Osee by Dior will play well with any color palette you plan to wear for the fall 2023 season. This is the ultimate neutral and will be perfect in a professional office environment; especially if you feel like Rouge Atelier would be pushing dress code.

Both nail polish hues were tested with one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat for testing.

Well, that’s it! Dior has offered us two, carefully curated nail polish colors for the fall 2023 season. Aren’t they fabulous?! Love! Which one is your favorite?

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