BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: retro saddle bag / Chanel nail polish / Dior nail polish / green woven handbag / large hoop earrings / silver bracelet / foundation powder / spring sweater / mini eco tote / loafer mules / ballet flats / caramel hobo bag / M Frame bag / ivory moon shaped bag /

Can you believe it is already May? This year is flying by! When it comes to street style, the summer season will be a continuation of the spring season. Look for the anonymous handbag to still dominate the streets, as well as investment jewelry. After all, these are timeless styles which are always relevant, no matter what the current trends are. This makes the anonymous handbag, investment pieces, and classic styles always on trend! Love that!

As we move into the summer season, look for softer neutrals and use black sparingly. Summer nail polish will start to offer more vibrant neutrals as well as fun colors. Stay away from logos and designer labels which shout, you want your outfits to offer a chic, simple, investment vibe. What? This old thing? Just threw it on! Yeah, that kinda vibe.

Stay tuned for summer coverage coming in May!

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