The return of chenille for fall 2017

chenille sweater fall 2017 black chloe nilechenille sweater fall 2017

wearing: Chanel lipstick / pink dangle earrings c/o SugarFix x BaubleBar / black long sleeve tee / light pink chenille sweater / Chloe Nile / slim fit jeans / Chanel fall nail polish / silver ring / navy velvet booties

Chenille is back, and it is back with a vengeance! This late 1990’s sweater phenomena has returned; much to the chagrin of dryers everywhere! Let’s take a quick trip down chenille memory lane, shall we?

It was the late 1990’s, and for some strange reason we all thought wearing dark lip liner with pale pink, tan, or purple lipstick was attractive. . .um yeah, moving on. . . Sugar Ray was on every radio station from coast to coast, and shopping via the Internet was a scary thing to do. When the weather cooled down, all we wanted was something soft and cozy to keep us comforted and warm; perhaps it was the dark lip liner with pale lipstick trend which was haunting us that made us all seek the comfort of chenille. . . though to ponder, but I digress. . .

Chenille was everywhere. We had chenille sweaters in all styles. We adorned our homes with chenille pillows, throws, blankets, and even upholstery. We all thought this ultra soft yarn woven into plush fabric was the greatest thing since sliced bread and the invention of the CD; until it was time to clean it. This is when the backlash started!

If you have ever owned chenille home goods, you know they wear out; quickly. The more you sit down, and stand up, chenille upholstery wears out, leaving threadbare sofas, chairs, and the like. Yikes! That chenille throw you cuddled up in while watching a movie on the sofa? Yeah, you spilled your hot cocoa on it, and when when you washed it, it became see-through. Your favorite chenille sweater? You washed it and yikes! It was no longer a sweater. The horror! It only took about two years before everyone on the planet figured out chenille was the worst thing since accidentally washing your reds with your whites.

Imagine my horror when I found out chenille was back for a second run in fall 2017! I was like, whaaaaaat????? Oh yes, this soft and alluring fabric pulls you in, then when you try to care for it by washing it, or wearing it too often, it becomes threadbare! Why are we wearing it again? Remind me? Oh, I know!

Chenille for fall 2017 is stronger then it was close to twenty years ago. I can’t speak for home goods, but as far as sweaters go, the new version is washable! Love! So, I decided to roll the dice and invest in a cozy chenille cardigan for the fall 2017 season. What do you think? So far it isn’t shedding, it isn’t getting worn down to the threads after being worn, and I can wash it without holding my breath. It lives! It stays cozy! It stays full of fluffy threads! Love!

So, the moral of the story is that you can buy some of fall 2017’s chenille pieces without worrying about them getting threadbare.

Do you have any chenille memories? Please share in the comments below!

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  • Erin

    I remember chenille, it is so soft but it always fell apart, I hope this time around it doesn’t thin out.

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