Places to eat in Long Beach California

Pictured: Bruschetta from Utopia

Our trip to Long Beach was short and sweet, but that does not mean we didn’t find plenty of yummy places to eat during our stay. We usually try to stay away from chain restaurants we can eat at home. So, we scour the internet and read the reviews of places we want to try. I was able to find a few fabulous restaurants which I am featuring here and are worthy of your time! Next time you are in Long Beach, be sure to try these restaurants! In my opinion, these are the best restaurants in Long Beach, California.

Best Breakfast: East Village Cafe

The coffee always tastes better at independent coffee shops, and the East Village Cafe is no different. They had the freshest brew and many different types of coffee drinks to choose from. I enjoyed a classic latte while my oldest is a vanilla latte kind of girl and my middle child enjoys getting something new and different every day. She loved everything she ordered! Do you know what else we loved? The food! They make the fluffiest, freshest, most delicious eggs! Love! East Village Cafe is a must-try next time you are in Long Beach.

Also want to add: love the local vibe and friendly faces who work there.

Best Lunch: Long Beach Taco Company

Tacos! This place has delicious food in every category. My favorite were the seasoned pork tacos. Long Beach Taco Company is a must-try next time you are in Long Beach. My daughter also loved the Jalapeno Poppers. Yum!

Best Dinner: Thai District

Thai District is tucked around the corner from its’ address, so while slightly tricky to find for tourists like us, it was worth the confusion. The food was SO GOOD! I highly recommend adding toasted tofu and getting your spice level to at least a two. In addition to delicious food, the service was amazing. Everyone was so nice and helpful! The waiter talked us into moving the spice level to a two and I am so happy he did. The rice was perfect, as was everything else. We also enjoyed a chicken curry dish which isn’t pictured. This is a must-eat-at place in Long Beach! Love!

Also Loved: Utopia

Feeling fancy yet chill? Utopia is your place! I would definitely eat dinner here again. The mushroom risotto was to-die-for, and my daughter’s tiramisu was amazing. I highly recommend enjoying your dinner on the patio under the vine canopy. It was relaxing and chill.

Also Loved: Parker Lighthouse

You have to have dinner on the pier at least once! Parker Lighthouse is the best place for both a delicious meal and waterfront views. My daughter had the cauliflower steak and she told me it was absolutely delicious. She would love to have it again! I enjoyed clam chowder and sushi, which were both tasty. I highly recommend indulging one night at Parkers Lighthouse.

Well, there’s my list! We ate at several additional restaurants, but these were our favorites, and the ones we would visit again. I hope you enjoy your trip to Long Beach!

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pictured below: dessert at Utopia