Dior nail polish late fall 2023

dior nail polish late fall 2023

Dior nail polish late fall 2023 from left: Dior Gris Dior / Dior Denim / Dior Blush / Dior J’Adore /

There are so many new colors from Dior! After Dior released their fall beauty collection, they added more nail polish colors to their collection. Since the nail polish formula has been revamped, many of these colors may remind you of recent nail polish collections, as well as past collections.

Some of these colors look very familiar! Of course, since the formula is new this year, Dior has renamed these hues and also given them new numbers. So, if the current fall nail polish collection is not enough for you, here are four new nail polish colors from Dior which were introduced after the fall collection, yet still fit into the fall color palette.

Dior Gris Dior nail polish

dior gris dior nail polish

Dior Blush nail polish

dior blush nail polish

Dior J’Adore nail polish

dior j'adore nail polish

Dior Denim nail polish

dior denim nail polish

These are all chic colors which can be worn now, or into the winter season. Dior J’Adore nail polish is a beautiful, classic gold nail polish. This can easily be worn now and well into the holiday season. While we don’t have the holiday collection just yet, we always know to expect some form of red and/or metallic hue. If red isn’t your thing, and you want to make your nail polish last so you aren’t constantly buying a new bottle, then Dior J’Adore may be the right polish for you! It works for fall, holiday, and winter! Love that!

I am currently wearing Dior Denim nail polish. This is definitely my favorite color from these new releases for late fall 2023. Which color is your favorite from the new collection?

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Stay tuned! In a few weeks the holiday collection will come out!

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