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wearing: sunglasses / hoop earrings (under $100) / cozy sweater / holiday nail polish / hobo handbag / G buckle belt / flare jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / suede boots /

It’s finally sweater weather! I purchased this sweater back in July, and I have been patiently waiting for the weather to cool enough so I could wear it. It has been so cool lately; this sweater was ready to be worn! Love!

There is nothing like a soft and cozy sweater on a cool fall day. I love this sweater since it has a loose fit and the turtleneck keeps my neck warm. I wear a thin, long sleeve tee underneath and it is perfect in this cold weather. I am looking forward to wearing this cozy sweater throughout the fall, holiday and winter seasons. I might pick up another one to give as a gift this holiday season. This cozy, turtleneck sweater would make a fabulous holiday gift!

Since flare jeans are a hot item this season, I paired my sweater with my new flare jeans. These jeans are also comfortable, and I am thankful they are short length. If you have been following along, you know I am short, and you know how hard it is to find flare jeans in shorter lengths. Hemming regular length flare jeans does not work out too well for the silhouette of the jeans! In short length, the pants are proportioned perfectly for my shorter legs. If you are not short, but love these jeans, they also come in regular and tall lengths. Love that!

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I wore this outfit the other day while gathering gift ideas on Santana Row and enjoying lunch at “It’s Dumpling Time!” If you are local, and you have not eaten here, be sure to stop in! The food is yummy.

I have decided this is my favorite sweater, and I plan to wear it often throughout the cold weather seasons. Do you have a favorite sweater you are looking forward to wearing throughout the fall, holiday, and winter seasons too?

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Fall sweaters for autumn 2020

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Fall sweaters 2020 from top left: grey turtleneck sweater (under $50) / blue sweater (I own this one and love it! avl in others colors too) / ivory turtleneck sweater (under $40) / grey and off-white turtleneck (under $100) / color block mock-neck turtleneck sweater / soft and cozy cardigan (I own this one too, it’s super soft and cozy-love!)

Sweater weather is finally here! It is amazing how quickly the weather shifted in the past week here in California. We went from 80’s and 90’s temperatures to a cool high 70’s in the daytime, and 50’s and 40’s overnight. Love the cooler temps!

Now that temperatures have finally fallen into fall, we can pull out our sweaters. I love this blue sweater with jeans and loafers. It’s a classic and easy outfit during the fall season. I am also loving this soft cardigan which is great around the house over loungewear, or over a tee and jeans with sneakers, while out and about. I also have my eye on this fabulous color block sweater, and this grey turtleneck sweater. They are fabulous!

Turtleneck sweaters are a huge trend this fall season. It is definitely a style we all need in our closet. There are so many on the market, it’s just a question of which one to invest in! I linked to the ones I think are super cute. I hope you love them too! Which style of sweaters are you loving this fall season?

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Pajama party time!

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photo: photo taken in October 2018. This cozy cardigan is great around the house over pajamas and loungewear.

Most of the country is currently having a pajama party. As our shelter-in-place continues, and we social distance by staying home, many of us are spending the day in our pajamas. It’s ok, you can tell the world! Everyone else is doing it too!

Since many of us are working from home, and homeschooling, we are active inside our homes despite our pajamas, or loungewear. While bathrobes are cozy, and great for temporary comfort, it’s easier to throw on a cardigan to keep cozy around the house in our PJ’s or loungewear. Also, a cardigan looks more like outside clothing than a bathrobe. After all, sometimes PJ’s or loungewear look like tee-shirts, so throwing a cardigan over them can look like a casual outfit while in a video conference. Haha, now you know my trick!

Since it is currently springtime, there are tons of cozy cardigans on major sale which are leftover from the winter season. Here are some of my favorites. I have this style in grey.

Shop cozy cardigans you can wear at home:

Another great look to wear from home is athleisure. I love wearing sweats since they are comfortable at home, and can also be worn for a trip to the grocery store, or while out on a walk in the neighborhood.

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athleisure look taken in December 2019. I wear this out to the grocery store.

Here are a few of my favorite athleisure pieces around the web.

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I am a huge pajama fan! Many of my pajamas are from Soma, but here are a few others on sale which are great to wear right now.

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What do you find yourself wearing often while we shelter in place? Are you wearing pajamas a lot, or switching into actual outfits? Spill it in the comments below!

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photo below taken in June 2019 on our trip to Hawaii. I am wearing these PJ’s all the time now!