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3 brands I’m always crushing on

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Photo: Me in 2017 at the rewardStyle Conference, standing under the outdoor LTK sign and logo. You can read the full post here.

LTK Day July 2020 is here!

We all have our go-to brands, and I definitely have more than three brands! That being said, there are three brands I am excited about right now. Colleen Rothschild, because skin care is so important and all her products are always fabulous and work so well, Frame Denim, because their jeans always fit and their bags are both functional and cute, and Sam Edelman, because their shoes are on-trend and super comfortable.

Since I am looking closely at these three brands and loving their current collection, I thought I would share my current favorites with you from each one!

In addition, LTK Day is happening this Sunday, July 19, 2020! These three brands will be offering amazing discounts for one day only through the LTK app. Get ready to shop these great deals!

If you are wondering what LTK is, it is a shopping app where you can create an account, screenshot photos or products you like on Instagram, and then shop them through the app. You can follow all the bloggers you enjoy-like me!-and then see our new posts in your LTK feed. This makes shopping photos you find online easy since you will have a ready-to-shop feed in the app. If you don’t already have the app on your phone, you can download it from the app store. The one day sale will be exclusive to the app. You can find and shop my feed here.

Frame Denim

I am in love with Frame Denim’s jeans, jackets, and handbags. They are functional, comfortable, and downright fabulous. For one day only, through the LTK app, you can save 25% off your purchase! Here are a few of my favorite items from this website right now. To save 25% off, please shop through this photo link from the LTK app. Please note, this discount is for full-price items only.

Colleen Rothschild

colleen rothschild hand cream best

I love this skincare brand, and am fully addicted to her hand-cream. On LTK day, you can save 25% off everything on her site through the LTK app. Shop through my photo link on the LTK app to save 25%! Please note, this deal cannot be combined with other offers.

Sam Edelman

sam edelman shoes on sale

I am huge fan of Sam Edelman’s boots. Every fall season I snag at least one pair from his collection. They are super comfortable and I can walk for miles in them. They are my boot of choice when I attend fashion week since they are so comfy! Of course, they are always fabulous and fashionable too! You can shop my current favorites, and save 25% off your purchase on LTK day, through my photo link in the LTK app. Please note, this offer is for select styles only.

Which sales do you plan to shop? I’m definitely stocking up on beauty products, a new pair of jeans, and some cute shoes! Be sure to use my LTK photo links and click on the products you love in order to qualify to save 25% off your purchase, and unlock the one-day-only discount codes. Be sure to download the app to shop my photos through the app. I would be honored if you followed me too 😊

Thank so much for your support and happy shopping!


Holidays 2019 shoe wardrobe

holidays 2019 shoe wardrobe

Holidays 2019 shoe wardrobe from top: black suede tall boots / black stamped croc western booties / black patent pumps (old, similar here) / charcoal western style booties / Gucci platform sneakers / black high heel booties /

I’m wearing a lot of shoes this holiday 2019 season! That’s because in addition to my normal wardrobe, there will be parties to attend; which means I must have party-ready shoes!

For the 2019 holiday season, I am bringing back my charcoal western style booties from fall 2018, pulling my black patent pumps from my closet (roughly ten years old), and continuing to wear my Gucci platforms, and high heel booties, from the fall season. In addition, I will also wear my adidas Superstar sneakers; but they are not pictured here because I wear them so much you really don’t need to see pictures of them; they are well worn! haha

This holiday season, I added a pair of tall suede boots, and a pair of stamped croc booties to my shoe wardrobe. Those are the only new shoes for the season. I love having shoes in my closet which can be re-worn year-after-year. These charcoal western style booties are super comfortable, and offer a classic style which has longevity in my closet. Of course the Gucci sneakers also have longevity, and will be worn until they wear out!

A classic pair of pumps is always a closet must-have! These patent pumps have served me well over the years, and will continue to serve me well for many years to come! If you don’t have an investment pair of classic pumps, what are you waiting for? Snap a pair up! You won’t be sorry.

shoe capsule wardrobe holidays 2019

The high heel booties pictured here have also turned into a closet staple for me. They are great for dressing up casual looks, or adding some sass to dressier outfits. They are super affordable, and a must-have right now!

Black boots are a must as well. This black suede pair will carry me from the holiday season into the winter season. It’s good to have a pair of classic tall boots on hand; especially in black!

I could not resist this pair of black stamped croc booties. They are classic with a twist. I am looking forward to elevating my holiday looks with them!

Shop my holidays 2019 shoe wardrobe online:

What are planning to wear on your feet this holiday season?

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shoe capsule wardrobe

The return of chenille for fall 2017

chenille sweater fall 2017 black chloe nilechenille sweater fall 2017

wearing: Chanel lipstick / pink dangle earrings c/o SugarFix x BaubleBar / black long sleeve tee / light pink chenille sweater / Chloe Nile / slim fit jeans / Chanel fall nail polish / silver ring / navy velvet booties

Chenille is back, and it is back with a vengeance! This late 1990’s sweater phenomena has returned; much to the chagrin of dryers everywhere! Let’s take a quick trip down chenille memory lane, shall we?

It was the late 1990’s, and for some strange reason we all thought wearing dark lip liner with pale pink, tan, or purple lipstick was attractive. . .um yeah, moving on. . . Sugar Ray was on every radio station from coast to coast, and shopping via the Internet was a scary thing to do. When the weather cooled down, all we wanted was something soft and cozy to keep us comforted and warm; perhaps it was the dark lip liner with pale lipstick trend which was haunting us that made us all seek the comfort of chenille. . . though to ponder, but I digress. . .

Chenille was everywhere. We had chenille sweaters in all styles. We adorned our homes with chenille pillows, throws, blankets, and even upholstery. We all thought this ultra soft yarn woven into plush fabric was the greatest thing since sliced bread and the invention of the CD; until it was time to clean it. This is when the backlash started!

If you have ever owned chenille home goods, you know they wear out; quickly. The more you sit down, and stand up, chenille upholstery wears out, leaving threadbare sofas, chairs, and the like. Yikes! That chenille throw you cuddled up in while watching a movie on the sofa? Yeah, you spilled your hot cocoa on it, and when when you washed it, it became see-through. Your favorite chenille sweater? You washed it and yikes! It was no longer a sweater. The horror! It only took about two years before everyone on the planet figured out chenille was the worst thing since accidentally washing your reds with your whites.

Imagine my horror when I found out chenille was back for a second run in fall 2017! I was like, whaaaaaat????? Oh yes, this soft and alluring fabric pulls you in, then when you try to care for it by washing it, or wearing it too often, it becomes threadbare! Why are we wearing it again? Remind me? Oh, I know!

Chenille for fall 2017 is stronger then it was close to twenty years ago. I can’t speak for home goods, but as far as sweaters go, the new version is washable! Love! So, I decided to roll the dice and invest in a cozy chenille cardigan for the fall 2017 season. What do you think? So far it isn’t shedding, it isn’t getting worn down to the threads after being worn, and I can wash it without holding my breath. It lives! It stays cozy! It stays full of fluffy threads! Love!

So, the moral of the story is that you can buy some of fall 2017’s chenille pieces without worrying about them getting threadbare.

Do you have any chenille memories? Please share in the comments below!

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