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All products c/o Aveda, from left: Aveda Phomollient / Aveda Pramasana purifying scalp cleanser / Aveda Damage Remedy / Aveda Pramasana protective scalp concentrate / Aveda Pramasana exfoliating scalp brush / Aveda Light The Way candle / Aveda thickening tonic

As a busy Mother’s of three, I have to keep my hair routine quick and efficient. I don’t have a lot of time to dry my hair on low heat, use a lot of different products, and style it into a perfect ‘do. I use a limited number of products; and they need to be efficient, just like my morning routine.

With all of the hair care products I use on my hair; plus all of the heat styling I do on high heat-so it works faster, it is so important to take care of my scalp! I am so happy that Aveda’s Pramasana scalp care line has amazing products which exfoliate the scalp, leaving it squeaky clean, and free of product build-up. Love that!

I have found that if I use the Pramasana purifying scalp cleanser once a week, my scalp is a lot less dry. Although I don’t use a lot of styling products, I do blow dry my hair often, along with using products which help protect my hair from the heat. The purifying scalp cleanser clarifies my scalp, getting rid of that yucky product build-up. Love that!

Aveda’s Pramasana protective scalp concentrate is great to put a protective coating on my scalp. It not only protects it from product build-up, but creates a barrier to help protect the scalp from blow dryer heat. I use the concentrate before blow drying my hair. It’s great!

If you are looking for a cleaner scalp, or to protect your scalp, I highly recommend Aveda’s Pramasana collection! Love!

*thank you to Aveda for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own

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