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This is one of my favorite pairs of statement earrings for summer 2017. I wear them often! I love the movement statement earrings provide; plus, they brighten up simple outfits. Also, I love how they add color to my dark hair.  They really look amazing with any hair color since bold earrings add color and dimension. Love that!

Statement earrings are a huge trend for summer 2017. They were all over the runways for spring/summer 2017, and they are all over the streets right now! If you have not jumped on this trend yet, now is the time to hop on!

affordable statement earrings summer 2017

From top left: hot pink beaded drop statement earrings / silver circles statement earrings / green tassel earrings (color of the year!) / rose gold earrings (so sleek and perfect for evenings!) / black and white ball drop earrings / ivory and gold statement earrings (on my wish list!) / bold gold statement earrings / cobalt blue ball earrings (I own these in pink and LOVE them!)

There is no better way to dress up a basic outfit then with a pair of statement earrings. As we head into the hot summer months, our clothing becomes more simple, and comfortable; in order to help us stay cool. With simpler ensembles, there is a need to try and remain fashionable while expressing our personal style. Statement earrings can help us do that!

When temperatures hit 90 degrees, most of us reach for a simple sundress, or a pair of shorts, with a tee, and flip flops. The only way to spice up a simple outfit such as this, is with jewelry. Sometimes bracelets and rings can be uncomfortable in hot, sticky weather since our fingers can sometimes swell in the heat. This leaves necklaces, and earrings, for dressing up our hot weather looks. I find earrings to be the most comfortable option. Three cheers for the statement earring trend for summer 2017!

There is no better time than the present to bring out bold, statement earrings on casual days, or fun summer nights. They are so easy to add to any outfit!

Currently, I have been wearing these hot pink ball earrings, and this pair of ivory tassel earrings non-stop with my casual attire. For summer, I definitely would like to add this silver pair, and this ivory and gold pair.

Which earrings are your favorite for summer? Are you ready to rock the statement earrings trend for summer 2017? If you are already wearing this hot trend, what are your earrings to wear for summer?

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