College finals care package ideas

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College finals care package ideas from top left: protein bars / pillow mist / squishie / stress balls / chocolates / coloring book /

It’s that time of year again! If you have a college student, they may be ramping up for finals as we speak! This means added stress and added study time. They may need a little love from home in the form of a care package.

When I make a care package for my college student, I like to include something to hug, like a squishie, something that is a treat, like chocolate, something practical, like protein bars, and things which relieve stress such as stress balls, a coloring book, etc. If you include these three categories, the care package you send to your college student will hit all the buttons to help them make it through finals week, and the study weeks leading up to finals week.

You can order these items individually and send them off to your student, or you can gather them yourself and make the box they open special. I like to line the box with colorful foil and place the items in the box. This way, when my daughter opens the box, it feels special. A little bit of thoughtfulness from home can also help to relieve stress in your student’s life! Love that!

College finals care package ideas online:

Your student will get through finals, despite all the stress! As long as you are there for them to talk to, and of course, a care package helps!

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