Vionic shoes review

From left: black loafers / navy ballet flats / golden loafers / cap toe slingbacks /

I have a new obsession, Vionic shoes. You might be sitting here wondering why I am gushing over an orthopedic shoe, but hear me out.

Three years ago I hurt my hip. When that healed, I was left with Planter Fasciitis. This type of foot pain make it hard to wear most shoes. My doctor got custom orthotics made for me, and I was able to put them inside my sneakers, but high top sneakers and other types of shoes were tough. Instead, I found bands and arch supports I could put use instead, but nothing was as perfect as the orthotics. You can read about my alternatives here.

One of my dear friends, who also suffers from Planter Fasciitis, told me she has a pair of Vionic sandals. She loves them! I was intrigued. So, I checked out the brand and found a pair of classic black loafers I could use in my life. This is where it all started.

When the Vionic black loafers arrived, I instantly noticed the insoles were removable. If the ones the shoe came with didn’t work, I could insert the ones from my doctor. Love that! Thankfully, the ones that came with the shoe felt 95% similar to the ones from my doctor. That’s a win! The one thing I noticed after wearing them was that they were slightly too big. I should have ordered a half size down.

My second pair were the ballet flats. I ordered my normal size because I figured these were shoes you wore barefoot, and they looked a little bit narrower online. They turned out to be the perfect size! This is the first pair of flats I can wear band-free and pain-free. Plus, ballet flats are on trend right now, so they are fabulous. Love!

As we moved towards the spring season, I dreamt of soft neutral hues, wide leg pants, and white soled shoes. These golden tan loafers by Vionic with a white sole are perfect for this airy look I had inside my head. I went ahead and ordered them a half size down. Perfect! They are so comfortable, and the color of the leather is fabulous. You have to see them in person. Seriously, I am OBSESSED! This is my favorite pair-by far!

Lastly, as much as I love to investment dress, I also love a good trend which mimics timeless looks. Cap toe shoes are classic and very reminiscent of Chanel’s iconic styles, plus, they are hot for spring/summer 2024! How could I resist a pair of cap toe shoes? I couldn’t. Again, I ordered this pair a half size down and they are perfect. There is a difference with the cap toe shoes. Since they are slingbacks, the orthotics are built-in instead of removable. They feel more like 75% similar to the ones my doctor gave me as opposed to the removable ones which were extremely close. So, while they aren’t as perfect as the other three pairs, the slingbacks still offer arch support and keep me pain-free; which is the point.

Shoes from Vionic I own and have one my wish list:

Have you tried Vionic shoes before? What did you think? I give them five out of five stars! My one tip is to order them a half size down. They seem to run slightly large-except for the ballet flats, which I found to be true to size.

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