Summer skin care routine 2024

summer skin care routine 50 year old

Summer skin care routine from top left: eye cream / neck cream / day cream / face wash / facial mist / night neck cream / body cream / night face cream /

Although it is technically still spring, the weather has been hot and moderately humid. This means I have switched to my summer skin care routine.

As a mid-life, GenX women, my skin has multiple issues. This includes fine lines, acne (yes-at my age! Ugh!), and in the summer- sun exposure. ReVive is a huge favorite of mine, and their daytime products have SPF built in. Love that! So, unless I go swimming and forget my sunscreen, I am fully protected through my skin care products.

I always wear body cream to help keep my arms and legs from wrinkling like a prune. When I wear body cream, I love a slight scent. Laura Mercier is one of my favorite body creams, which I started buying in the 1990s. This summer I am in an Almond Coconut mood. It is the perfect summer scent! Love!

My daughter is a huge beauty product fan, and she introduced me to this facial mist. It is so refreshing on warmer days and made for the face; this means no clogged pores or greasy residue. Love it!

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That’s it! My skin care routine for summer 2024 is not too different from last season, or last year. I am loyal to products which work. If you are looking for summer skin care products, I hope you find these products as amazing as I do!

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