August handbag capsule

august handbag capsule 2023

August handbag capsule from top left: blue mini tote (current colors here) / black shoulder bag / mini eco tote / green mini bag / small saddle bag /

Happy August! This month is going to be very busy! School is starting and my college student will be heading back to the dorms for another year. This means I will be on the go! When my life is busy, I don’t have time for fussy handbags. For August, I will be rotating through my small handbags so I can wear them cross body if need be. I will only be carrying my purse essentials and keeping myself hands free. Busy busy!

August is also a transitional month. It is still summer, yet the stores are stocking beautiful fall merchandise. This makes us all yearn for cooler weather, cozier ensembles, and, at least for me, pumpkin spice. Don’t hate! I love a good pumpkin spice latte, cookies, muffin, etc. Go ahead, call me basic, I don’t really care. haha

Since fall styles are surrounding us, I like to integrate fall trends while still dressing for the weather. The easiest way to do this is with handbags, nail polish, and color. Shades of green are still hot for fall as well as neutral hues, black, and shades of blue and red. I am on the hunt for a forest green handbag, dark brown bag, and a burgundy handbag. In the meantime, I am loving what I have in my closet. They suit my life perfectly right now.

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Which handbags do you have on rotation this month?

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