What is luxury?

What is luxury? This question has been floating around online on various social media outlets with interesting definitions and discussions. In addition, it seems most people have different ideas of what luxury is, and what it means to them. So, let’s dive right into the discussion.

Oftentimes people associate brands with luxury. People will also associate certain vacation destinations with luxury. But I ask you, are those real indicators of luxury? What exactly is luxury? What defines it and what does it mean to you and me.

Advertising and marketing strategies have shaped what consumers believe to be luxury. Many people think a German Automobile, a designer watch, a designer handbag, and logowear defines luxury. In reality, those items are just expensive products with amazing marketing schemes.

True luxury to me is time, family, and comfort. I feel luxurious when surrounded by my family, drinking warm tea, and enjoying happy moments. Consumer goods do not equate to luxury for me, instead, consumer goods are fun and feel like rewards, but they don’t offer long-lasting feelings of luxury and happiness. They serve a purpose; we hope, otherwise they are a waste of money which could have been better spent.

That being said, consumer goods which help me feel luxurious include good tea, a comfortable sofa which fits my family, and soft clothing I can curl up on the couch in; oh, and a soft throw. Cozy equals comfort for me too.

When it comes to cars, I used to own a very expensive, “luxury” vehicle. It was awful. The car was always breaking down and having electronic issues. Once I sold it and purchased a car based on reliability and safety ratings, I was so happy! So now, I feel like a reliable car is more luxurious than owning a status symbol car. Plus, let’s face it, cars depreciate in value. Why dump money into a car when you can keep it in the bank, invest it, and watch it grow? That is luxury.

One form of luxury we often take for granted is living in the United States. We can safely sleep at night knowing we are not being bombed or invaded. While expensive at times, we do have high quality healthcare. Food is plentiful, and there are a lot of job opportunities. We have freedoms other countries don’t enjoy such as the freedom of religion, speech, and more. This is luxury, especially to those who don’t have what we take for granted. I see my roof, my full refrigerator, and my family as luxurious. I thank God for all of this.

What is luxury to you?

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