Top five rose fragrances for spring summer 2015

rose fragrances perfumes for spring summer 2015 trend

From top left: Acqua di Parma / Dolce & Gabbana / Diana Vreeland / Van Cleef & Arpels / Victor & Rolf

Rose is the fragrance note of the moment. This means, rose-based fragrances are hotter than hot for the spring and summer 2015 seasons. If you love sweet florals, this is the season for you!

Rose scents offer a sweet floral fragrance experience which is easy to wear on a daily basis. Rose is not an overbearing fragrance note; making it inoffensive to most people. Rose based scents can easily be worn to the office, in the theater, and on warm days. Rose is a versatile fragrance note which works well under cold, moderate, and warm temperatures. Although normally associated with spring and summer, rose can easily be worn in the fall and winter months due to the warmth of its’ natural scent.

Although there are many rose-based scents on the market which offer classic, sweet floral fragrance experiences; spring and summer 2015 are offering new, more exotic mixes of the popular fragrance note. Victor & Rolf are offering a special edition of their popular “Flowerbomb” fragrance infused with rose as the heart of the fragrance. Some perfumers have even mixed sweet rose with far-east oud!

One of my favorite rose-based perfumes is Van Cleef & Arpels “Extraordinaire Rose Velours.” This rich rose fragrance offers a sweet rose fragrance experience which is not sticky. It is smooth and luxurious; much like all the of the fragrances in Van Cleef & Arpel’s “Extraordinaire” collection. If you love vanilla, I highly recommend “Orchidee Vanille.” It is rich, smooth, and arguably the most luxurious vanilla-based fragrance on Earth. Love! Now, I digress, we are talking about rose, not vanilla!

Dolce & Gabbana’s “Velvet Rose” is from the designing duo’s luxurious line of “Velvet” perfumes. “Velvet Rose” is an amazing blend of several rose notes with a slight musky base. This creates an incredible, rose-based fragrance experience, which is sweet, yet not sticky; and as luxurious as possible. 

The rose trend is not just limited to fragrance. Rose-based home fragrances are also all the rage this season. Rose lipstick is also a beauty trend for the spring and summer seasons. Of course, rose lipstick may not look good on everyone, nor will it match every outfit in ones’ closet. This makes a rose-based fragrance the easiest way to rock the rose trend this season. Rose-based fragrances work well for both casual and dressy occasions; and they are easy to wear both day and night. Love rose!

Here are my top five picks for rose scents this spring and summer season. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: The Rose Blush Shoe

One of the biggest classic tricks a Fashionista has up her sleeves, in order to make her legs appear longer, is to wear high heels that are close in color to her leg. This elongates the leg and makes one appear taller and more fabulous. This fall, there is a move away from skin-tone beige and a move towards the rose or blush colored shoe. This shoe is being shown in classic high heel pump styles as well as extremely trendy cut out styles, open toe booties and ankle straps.

Hot designers such as Prada, Chanel and Christian Louboutin are showing this hue for fall and it is already creating quite a buzz in the form of flying off store shelves! What is intriguing about rose or blush is that the shade easily blends with autumn colors such as brown, burgundy, plum and forest green; all colors that are hot for fall 2011.

In addition to shoes, the rose or blush shade is popping up on handbags and apparel. As the fashion world moves away from candy pink, or Pantone’s “Honeysuckle,” the rose/blush color is taking the place as the ultimate “feminine shade” for fall. With fall’s sophisticated vintage trend and embellishment trends such as lace, rose/blush is the easiest color to pair with the majority of one’s fall 2011 wardrobe.

Rose/blush is also light enough to carry into winter when colors become softer. Another reason to invest in the famed hue? Rose/blush has been spotted on the Berlin spring 2012 runways; signaling to the fashion world that is may be an important shoe color for 2012. 


Rose/Blush trend for fall 2011 by bayareafashionista featuring a convertible handbag