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Chanel Blue Boy nail polish review

Chanel blue boy nail polish

Pictured: Chanel Blue Boy nail polish. Two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat.

Chanel Blue Boy nail polish was originally introduced by Chanel for FNO 2011. I remember when Blue Boy first came out, along with Coco Blue and Blue Rebel. I wanted to get my hands on all three, but alas, they sold out faster than you can say “ring me up!”

When Chanel re-introduced Blue Boy for the winter 2015 season, I was thrilled! Here was my chance to snap up one of the beautiful blue nail polishes from Chanel’s FNO 2011 “Les Jeans Collection.” Chanel Blue Boy nail polish is fabulous! It is a medium denim hue which blends in with any medium-wash denim  you can place your hand next to. It is a casual blue color which offers a cool, slate-like vibe; ideal for any season of the year. Love that!

There are also so many shades of blue which are on trend for the spring 2015 season, this makes Chanel Blue Boy a great color to have in your nail polish wardrobe as move from winter into spring. 

I tested out Chanel Blue Boy nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color and no top coat. Chanel Blue Boy lasted a full seven days! Perfection 🙂

Chanel Blue Boy nail polish can be found online here, here and here.

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Cojo reveals the hottest trends from the red carpet for the holiday season: exclusive interview

Cojo took time out of his busy schedule on Thursday to talk to me about this season’s hottest trends which have come straight off the red carpet; and according to Cojo, “The red carpet has become the ultimate runway.” What celebrities have been wearing on the red carpet translates well into reality.

Cathy: The holidays seem to be approaching so quickly this year! What do you see as the biggest fashion trends this holiday season?

Cojo: The tux jacket. Tuxedo jackets are everywhere in L.A., and we are seeing them in gabardine with satin piping. Tuxedo jackets are being worn with jeans and with dresses. In fact, I just saw some at TJMaxxand at Marshalls. They have tuxedo jackets from huge designers you would see at luxury department stores. The tuxedo jacket is so versatile and easy to wear; it is a great way to update a dress from last year. In fact, I have seen Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwenyth Paltrow wearing tuxedo jackets.

Faux fur is huge this year; emphasis on FAUX. Incredible faux fur vests and faux chinchilla are huge. This season is all about decadent luxury. Faux fur can easily be dressed up or down. I have also seen incredible faux fur at TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Cathy: One of the challenges in staying fashionable during the winter season is the weather. How do you recommend staying fashionable and warm during the rain or snow this holiday season?

Cojo: It’s not about utility anymore. You can look just as fashionable in the rain or snow as you can any day of the year. Throw on boots, cardigans, cable knit sweaters. It’s important to have a winter coat that is in a cheerful, beautiful color such as bright pink/fushia. There are so many rain boots in incredible colors out there as well. There is no reason to have boring rain boots.

Cathy: Leg coverings are a huge trend right now. How do you recommend wearing this trend?

CojoTights are everywhere, there is tights fever. There is a move away from wearing leggings and into wearing tights. Tights are also a practical and great way to cover up and look great at the same time.

Cathy: Some holiday events call for “festive casual” attire. How would you recommend dressing for this type of event?

Cojo: For festive casual, I would say wear layers and accessories. Keep the dress simple and add sparkles and accessories. Add a bejeweled clutch and a chunky necklace. Keep the wardrobe simple and make a statement with accessories. Scarves, bangles-they can make the outfit pop. Statement earrings and giant earrings are huge this season. We are used to celebrities such as Michelle Williams keeping it clean and understated; now we are seeing the same celebrities wearing statement accessories. TJMaxx and Marshalls have a huge selection of statement accessories.

Cathy: What trends are you seeing for men this holiday season?

Cojo: There is a resurgence of preppy formal. We are seeing bow ties and a move away from black. No more “Mad Men” looks. Men can update their look with a bow tie that has polka dots and they can also add finishing pieces such as a pocket square with polka dots. It’s all about accessories. We are also seeing a lot of burgundy and red this season for men. There is also a lot of mixing high and low together; it’s street cred with a hipper edge. I just got a plaid tie at TJMaxx for $9.99, and I wear it with my designer navy suit. It’s fun to wear bright bow ties and pocket squares this season.

Cojo: George Clooney and Hugh Jackman are the epitome of modern elegance. They are well dressed men.

Cathy: There are men out there who don’t like wearing a tux for formal events. What alternative do these men have for formal attire?

Cojo: To pass for formal, they need a black or navy suit. They need to add very dressy finishing’s. A silk or satin tie, formal cuff links with faux diamonds, patent leather shoes; formal finishing’s and a fancy tie will raise the level to formal.

Cathy: What is one style tip you give your clients that you would like to share with our readers?

Cojo: Quality. One well-made thing is better than fifty cheap things. Look for investment pieces. I love TJMaxx and Marshalls because they give accessibility to big designers with the best cuts, fabrics and drape; at affordable prices. Shop wisely.

*Special THANK YOU to Cojo for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk about the current trends and share his style secrets with us. THANK YOU!


Twisted Silver Shape earrings offer bold yet wearable style

One of the biggest trends in fashion and jewelry this season is bold jewelry. The bold jewelry trend has been spotted on the runways and on the street in 2011 and has also appeared on the spring 2012 runways. Wearing bold earrings is one of the fabulous ways a Fashionista can rock this trend since earrings not only light up one’s face, they are front and center; making a huge statement. One of the drawbacks to bold earrings is that many of them are too heavy or large to wear all day long; not Twisted Silver’s new Shape earrings!

Twisted Silver has of course, done it again! The Shape earrings from the fall/winter 2011 collection are not only bold and unique, making them the perfect fit for the bold jewelry trend, the earrings are also lightweight! Love it!

The Twisted Silver Shape earrings offer asymmetrical brass and copper rectangle’s, ovals, twists and dimensional shapes which not only create a one-of-a-kind look, they work easily with all of the season’s 1980’s silhouettes. In addition to working well with the apparel style of the moment, Twisted Silver’s Shape earrings compliment the bold colors which are so du rigueur.

Twisted Silver’s Shape earrings are priced at $50 and offer a 3” drop weighing in at a mere .25oz. To learn more about Twisted Silver’s Shape earrings, please visit twisted-silver.com and use code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous