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New York Fashion Week color trends for fall 2020

Cho Cheng fall/winter 2020/21 New York Fashion Week

Pantone has released the top ten colors, and top four neutral hues, for the fall/winter 2020/21 season straight from the runways of New York! They are vivid, happy, and uplifting. Three cheers for a bright fall season!

The fall/winter 2020/21 season is returning to simplicity. As trends move towards a more sustainable fashion industry, and consumers look to a more minimalist lifestyle, the color trends for the fall season have moved towards simple, common hues which you could easily find in the least expensive crayon box.

While brighter hues may not instantly scream “minimal” to you, they are being simplistic through their uncomplicated pigmentation, and easy-to-identify shades. This is a clean, and easy, color palette to incorporate into any wardrobe. You may even find you already own many of these colors! Love that!

Top ten color trends from New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2020/21
Top four neutral colors from New York Fashion Week fall/winter 2020/21

While not listed as a top ten color, fuschia and bright pink were also spotted frequently on the runways for the fall/winter 2020/21 season at New York Fashion Week. Designers such as Cho Cheng, Ulla Johnson, and Self-Portrait, showed this happy and bright hue in their collections.

Without further ado, here are a few examples of the top colors on the runways of New York! I included the bright pink, because I kind-of love it!!

What do you think of the new fall 2020 color palette from New York Fashion Week? Do you have a favorite hue? Mine, of course, is blue!

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Carolina Herrera NYFW FW20

Feeling that 70’s vibe

wearing: large gold hoops / puff sleeve blouse (last seen here) / sunglasses / lipstick / belt / jeans / handbag / nail polish / bracelet (old, also love this one) / boots (super comfy!) /

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am obsessed with the 1970s this season. Although the fall 2019 season has trends taking inspiration from multiple decades, there is something about the 1970s which is both nostalgic and comforting; that is drawing me into any trend from the era I can find.

While cropped jeans weren’t really a thing in the 1970s, wide leg jeans were. Therefore, I feel like these jeans can cheat a little bit in a 1970s inspired look.  The fabric is also really soft; which makes these jeans super comfortable. I definitely need to wear them with a heel though, or else the wide leg and cropped silhouette easily adds weight to my 5’4″ frame.

Shop my 1970s inspired fall look:

Which decade are you feeling this season?

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A touch of western at New York Fashion Week

nyfw street style new york street style western trend fall 2019

wearing: hoop earrings / lipstick / sunglasses / puff sleeve blouse / gold bangle bracelet / nail polish / black satchel / dark wash denim skirt / brown cowgirl boots /

One of the ongoing trends since last year is western inspiration. This is a trend which has done well on the streets, and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, designers still incorporated western touches for the spring 2020 season on the runways of New York during fashion week.

The runways featured cowgirl hats, puff sleeves, prairie dresses, and ruffles. While it wasn’t as dominant for spring 2020 as it was on the fall 2019 runways, the western theme was still going strong.

So of course I wanted to touch on this trend for one of my outfits during New York Fashion Week! I fell in love with these little cowgirl boots when I spotted them over the summer, and they turned out to be a good footwear choice. They were very comfortable to wear to the shows, and added a fun, sassy touch to my ensemble. This denim skirt was also fun and had a western vibe to it, along with this puff sleeve top. It was a fun look!

This skirt can easily be paired virtually anything throughout the fall season. When winter hits, it will look great with boots and a sweater. Score on versatility!

new york fashion week street style

I was obsessed with this top when I first spotted it earlier in August. It was one of the first fall pieces I purchased, and this outfit was designed around the top. It will be fun to wear with jeans on casual days too during the autumn season.

Everything in my suitcase for New York Fashion Week this season was purposely purchased to incorporate into my existing closet, as well as to mix and match. I really wanted to create a fall wardrobe this year, instead of buying single outfits. It’s a great way to mix-and-match, and also save money!

When I worked for Ann Taylor back in the 90’s, we were trained in wardrobing. It was the central theme of how we chose our designs, and how we educated our clientele. We wanted everyone to create a wardrobe they could mix and match, as well as add on to year after year. I have strayed from that concept over time, but as I get older, I am going back to my roots and working on wardrobing, rather than buying cute outfits which cannot be incorporated into my wardrobe. I hope you find some mix and match inspiration in this too!

Shop my western themed New York Fashion Week look:

What do you think of the western trend? Are you all in?

Do you prefer wardrobing, or do you have more fun buying individual outfits?

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