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Spring 2021 trends from the NYFW runways

RaisaVanessa final walk spring/summer 2021 NYFW (photo credit: screenshot by me)

New York Fashion Week was different this season; in case you hadn’t already heard. Designers showed thier spring/summer 2021 collection in a virtual format. While few designers offered in-person, outside runways shows with extremely small attendance, the majority made artistic videos which showcased thier new collections, or filmed runways without an audience and livestreamed them.

In addition to the shows I was invited to watch, I was able to watch several more designer shows than normally. Not only because I was able to view collections I am not normally invited to see in person, but because I could sit at my desk and go from show to show, instead of having to allocate travel time between shows. This was a very relaxing, and productive, way to do fashion week! Let’s take our “wins” out of this and share them!

If you had a chance to watch along with me, you may have noticed a ton of inspiraiton came from the 1980s and 1990s for spring 2021. Designers loved powersuiting, bright colors, exagerated sleeves, feminine designs, prarie silhouettes, ruffles-lots of ruffles, and a ’90’s hip-hop flair. While the ’80’s donimated, you could still see some early ’90’s floating around, and mixing in with the flashy 1980s. So, without further ado, let’s check out the biggest trends from the New York Fashion Week spring/summer 2021 runways!

The Power Suit

White Party

Bold Lines

Romantic: Lace and eyelet

Puffy Sleeves

Dramatic Ruffles

Bermuda Shorts

Wide Leg Pants

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Loving all these fun trends for spring 2021! Which trend is your favorite?

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Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish review

tom ford black sugar nail polish review fall 2016

Pictured: Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish

Fall 2016 is all about red or metallic nail polish. Since I am not a huge fan of red nail polish, I am seeking alternatives for the fall season. I love all of the metallic hues being shown for the autumn season, but a girl needs alternatives! When I spotted Black Sugar by Tom Ford, I thought this would be a fabulous alternative to metallic nails!

Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish is a lot less black than I thought it would be. The name suggests a spicy version of black nail polish, on the contrary! Black Sugar by Tom Ford is a putty-purple hue which has nothing to do with black, and more to do with the berry family!

Berry hues are huge this fall season; groundbreaking, like florals in spring, I know. 😉 Since all shades of burgundy and purple are the rage, nail polish needs to blend, rather than compete, with this color palette. Metallic hues are the ideal neutral for these shades, but metallic polishes are not for everyone, and sometimes we all want a more traditional color on our fingertips.

Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish is a cross between classic dark purple and dark putty. It is an edgy, neutral form of a muted, dark purple hue. This color works perfectly with this fall’s berry hues; making it a fabulous neutral color for the autumn season and a great alternative to red or metallic nail polish. Love that!

I tested Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish out with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. The nail polish was long lasting, and stayed chip free for one week. Fabulous!

You can find Tom Ford Black Sugar nail polish online here.

Tom Ford Blackout nail polish review

tom ford blackout nail polish holidays 2015 tom ford blackout nail polish review

Pictured: Tom Ford Blackout nail polish. Both photos taken during morning golden hour. Top photo taken in direct sun, bottom photo taken in the shade.

Tom Ford Blackout is a fabulous new nail polish color from Tom Ford for the winter, and holiday season. This edgy hue is not your average, flat black color! Noooooo, Tom Ford upped the black nail polish game by adding sparkles, and dimension to Blackout. The result is fabulous!

Tom Ford Blackout nail polish is a cream polish, littered with millions of dazzling sparkles. The sparkles are a cool, subtle silver, and they add dimension to the black hue. This makes Blackout a must-have in anyone’s nail polish wardrobe. After all, black is a edgy yet neutral version of classic nail polish.

Throughout the years, black nail polish has drifted in and out of fashion. Although it has it’s popular moments, black nail polish is a classic color which is considered both neutral, and cutting-edge. This makes it an easy shade to wear with any color palette, in any season.

Blackout by Tom Ford is an excellent black nail polish to own. I have noticed Tom Ford nail polish has a strong shelf life. His polish maintains it’s texture, color, and composition while sitting on a shelf, for an extended period of time. One of my pet peeves is when a nail polish has been sitting on a shelf for six months, and it goes bad! Tom Ford does not. It maintains a long life, which is nothing short of fabulous!

I tested out Tom Ford Blackout nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one coat of top coat. The polish applied evenly, without streaking. It also lasted  a full week without chipping. Love that!

I have fallen in love with Tom Ford Blackout nail polish, and I look forward to wearing it throughout the winter 2016, and holiday 2015 seasons!

Tom Ford Blackout nail polish can be found online here.